Candles for on-the-go or when flames are banned

If you are creating an alter, #travel alter, or in a space that does not allow flames, I have an idea for you. There is an app called #selfcare. ‎#SelfCare on the App Store

It has a virtual intention candle.

You can let something go and burn a leaf. What you type fades away.

Or set an intention and plant a seed.

You can choose different colored candles (white, green, and blue are free) and glow effects to match your intention.


Wanted to add that this is available on Android in the Google Play store as well!


That is so beautiful- what a great feature! :sparkles:

I agree @crystal5, it is perfect for anyone on the road or unable to light a physical candle :candle::heart: Thank you so much for sharing!


Yes, i use thsi app! It’s great!!


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