Capricorn Witch: Book Pre-Order

I pre-ordered Capricorn Witch by Ivo Dominguez, Jr. and Maria Wander and only now realized that it won’t be released until June 2024. NOOOOOO!!!
Us Capricorns want it now!!!

Have any of you gotten books from this series? I’m SOO looking forward to MY book!

Description from Llewellyn:
Climb to the highest peaks of your magical practice with this book on maximizing the power of your Capricorn Sun sign. Sharing numerous spells, exercises, recipes, and stories, Ivo Dominguez, Jr. and Maria Wander show you how to use your ambitious nature to enrich your everyday life and be more successful in your witchcraft.

Capricorn Witch offers correspondences, cleansing and shielding methods, self-care routines, Moon and rising sign traits, and divination techniques that help you reach every goal you set, magical or otherwise. In addition to spells from a variety of Capricorn contributors, you’ll find a ritual to meet with the spirit of your sign and advice for recovering from burnout and stress. Your determination can become your greatest ally with this book in the Witch’s Sun Sign Series.

Features contributions from Aeptha, John Beckett, M. Belanger, Sharon Knight, Jason Mankey, Nicholas Pearson, Dawn Aurora Hunt, and Sandra Kynes


I found it a little cheaper


Was just about to order the Scorpio one with an amazon gift card someone gave me but then I saw an incense burner and I needed some charcoal so I went with that instead. I’m sure I’ll get around to the book eventually but I think I still have a dozen or so books in my “to be read” pile. :grin:


I probably have 50 books in my pile :laughing::crazy_face::rofl: plus the ones I started!


I have the Taurus witch book from the series although it sits along wirh many books that I have bought but have yet to open :see_no_evil:


I know I have so many books to get through from my pile before Capricorn Witch gets here… but still. “I want it now!” Plus it’s Capricorn season! :goat:

But maybe this will motivate me to get some more reading done. I’ve got a book halfway done for Spells8 book club: Path to Paganism. And next month, I certainly can add another one on there too!


I’d love to get the Scorpio Witch book because I’m a Scorpio, but I want to see reviews of the books first :joy: I’m very picky about the witchy books I get now because I end up with more than I can read, or I don’t want a very generic book since I’ve been doing this a while. Generic books aren’t going to have any information in them that is new to me :joy: