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Hello blessed friends

I have made cards for my altar featuring my deities and information about them as I have not yet found suitable statues (or the money to buy them). They are double sides like the example here…

They are the size of the average oracle card but I just do not like the quality when I print them at home. Does anyone know of any sites that can professionally print things like this? The ones I found have a min of 100 copies etc. that WOULD be devotion😂 I am based in UK.

Many thanks in advance for suggestions

Blessed be



First off, those are gorgeous images! :heart: You put a lot of effort into putting those together and I really like them!

Second, I’m not sure where you could print them in the UK, but here in the states, we have a few different office supply stores that will do the printing for a fee. If you have something like that near you, that may be an option!


Those are beautiful! Where did you get the images? Are they royalty free? Because if they are royalty free, and you print 100 copies…you could sell sets on the internet and eventually cover your costs…

Unfortunately, I don’t know any places in the UK either.


Beautiful cards, @Cosmic_Curiosity! :sparkles:

Seconding this! Office supply stores, printing stores, sometimes even drug/pharmacy stores (I’m thinking of CVS in the US- maybe there’s a UK equivalent?) would all have printing facilities and could do a small batch.

I’ve ordered from an online custom site called Shutterfly before- they make everything from custom calendars to business cards to decks of playing cards. If you play the “coupon game” and scout around for promo codes you can often get a pretty good deal!

Google says the UK equivalent of Shutterfly is a site called Snapfish- it looks like they do personalized playing cards. Maybe they have what you are looking for!

Good luck- I hope you can find the perfect shop/card stock to bring your beautiful cards to life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is a clever option that sounds like it could be a win-win situation. I see @anon87969570 is very business-savy :grinning: :+1:


Thank you so much. I love playing around with Canva. It has so many great images and tools to put things together.

The are all images from Canva. I jist layered them, changed the transparency and removed the backgroind from some to build up the image. It really is a great app.

Thank you so much. I have looked through so many printing sites and couldnt find what i want. This one has the option for flat double sided cards. I have jist ordered them!

Blessed be everyone


Awesome! :clap: I’m glad you found a solution that works for what you need :blush:


Amazing pictures! I am happy you found a solution that works for you and I hope they come out amazing. I used pictures in frames for my deities before I purchased statues (a reward for achieving a goal). Mine were nowhere near as gorgeous as these!


@Cosmic_Curiosity These are so very lovely! You have a great eye for design! I wanted to appreciate your work and creativity and I can’t wait to see how your professionally printed cards come out!


Hooray! :tada: I’m really happy if the site had what you were looking for- please feel free to show them off when they arrive (if you feel comfortable doing so!). They really are gorgeous on screen, and I bet they’ll be even more stunning in card-form :sparkles:

May they arrive safely, swiftly, and be everything you are hoping for- so mote it be! :pray::heart::blush:


I absolutely adore them! :raised_hands: I’m all about the Egyptian pantheon. :blush::v:


@christina4 Me too! Still waiting on them coming though. 8 deity cards plus the 4 sons of horus for casting my circle


They came!

Here are the deity cards from the front

And from the back with the epithets and small faded images of suitable offerings

Here are my 4 sons of Horus used for casting my circle⭕️

And here us the Abydos triad on my altar :heart:

They have a little white line down the side but im not going to let that bother me. Im pleased with how they look.

Blessed be



They look amazing! I think that was a great idea :clap: May they serve you well on your altar space(s) and my your Gods be pleased with them! :sparkles:


Wow! :heart_eyes: The cards are absolutely stunning- and they look right at home and happy on your altar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think it’s safe to say that your hard work paid off, Alan! May your beautiful cards serve you well- blessed be! :star2:


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