Career success (and spells for self employed/business success)

Hi folks,
Happy new moon!

I am in the process of planning for the next cycle and weeks/months ahead, and am planning to try to focus on making some gains in my career (and creative aspirations) area for the rest of this month.

I have just looked at the job career spells (link below), which look inspiring,

…but was wondering if there is anything similar aimed more at self employed (artistic/creative) “solopreneurs”?

For the past 12 months I have been brainstorming ideas for a 2nd business (aimed at supporting and mentoring other creatives online) that would make me less financially dependent on my main “gig”, But have felt stuck and unable to create any concrete ideas and move beyond the sketch pad.

Despite overcoming a lot of obstacles and working hard on self development, I still have strong trauma based feelings from period of hardship in the past, so perhaps some sort of banishing or clearing rituals will be needed in addition to a “new business success” spell?

Are there any other freelancers and creatives here that can point me towards career spells aimed at the self employed (that could be performed by a baby/newbie)?

Wishing you all fertile new beginnings with your creative, professional and personal endeavors!



Hi Marcus,

Happy new moon to you too! The start of a new moon cycle is a great time to set intentions and cast prosperity and success spells. As the moon grows, so too I hope your business ideas will thrive! :new_moon_with_face: :two_hearts:

Self-employed freelancer here! :raising_hand_woman: To be honest, I actually don’t do a lot of “job spells” per se- instead, I work creativity spells and often have to cast motivational spells to keep myself going and on track haha.

Sometimes I do cast money/prosperity spells, although those tend to be for short-term or one off increases- it sounds like you are looking for something more long-term to help you get your business started and moving along. I’m of the thought that small spells are good for small wishes, but the larger and more long-term the desire, the bigger the spell required.

That’s not to say it needs to be a massively elaborate or expensive procedure- not at all! By “large spell” I mean putting a lot of intention and willpower into your goal over an extended period of time. Have you ever tried a 7-day candle spell? When I read your post, this one came to mind:

While money (from a business) is the eventual goal, you might tweak it a little bit to clearly say “a prosperous and successful business” instead of just simply “money”.

I’m a huge fan of cleansing spells- if this idea appeals to you, I would absolutely encourage you to begin with a cleansing spell! You might cleanse your mindset to wash away any lingering feelings of hardship and doubt, and also the space you hope to work in- be it at home or in an office.

Do you have some cleansing spells and ideas already? If not, there are a bunch here you might browse through (feel free to adapt any to suit what you need!)

Thank you so much, Marcus- wishing the same to you! :raised_hands: :new_moon: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Bookmarking this post! I have my own business as well, but my creativity is completely dead as is my motivation.


Self-employed freelancer here, too! :wave:

I have a regular prosperity altar that I work every Thursday. I also have a special candle I burn while I’m working on my business-related projects, no matter if it’s finances, planning, or active work.

I know there are a few videos out there on YouTube for business-related spells, but I haven’t seen anything for freelancers or anything like that. If I find something, or create something myself, I’ll let you know!


I feel for you,@chelsie3 , Same here which is why I created this post.

Big thanks to everyone contributing and sharing their rituals, spells and things that can make a difference.


You’re welcome, Marcus- good luck with your spellwork and your business! :raised_hands: :sparkling_heart:


As luck would have it, the lovely team from Spells8 recently decided to publish a new spell in their email newsletter, which I feel is worth trying out:

If you substitute rosemary leaves for dried rosemary from the herbs & spices section of supermarket (this spell still works with this cheat, right?) just be aware that this can leave a bit of a mess in your bath/shower.

Now I have a few spells in my BOS for career/work related stuff.

@MeganB @chelsie3 @BryWisteria Thanks again for sharing your tips and experience here. I’m learning soo much from you :slight_smile:


It’s my pleasure, Marcus, I’m happy if I could help! :blush:

Wishing you all the best with your spellwork and business planning- may you be blessed with prosperity and success! :sparkles:


haha yes, yes it does! Rosemary is rosemary, in my opinion :herb:

I’m glad we were all able to help!


One thing I do to help with the mess, I put all the herbs in a french press and steep them. Then I press the herbs and add the “tea” to my bathwater.


That’s a good trick, @chelsie3 :clap: It’s making an infusion beforehand!


I keep meaning to get back to you on this. Honestly have bookmarked and rebookmarked it for the past 4 days :laughing:

While I may not have ideas for you, I am in a similar dingy (as opposed to the same boat :wink:) I need to focus or refocus and put plans into motion. I create my own jewelry but have never really put in the planning and effort that it deserves. Every winter, I regret not putting the time in to take advantage of the holidays but I want this year to be different.

Again, I may not have the answers you need but I am with you in support!


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