Caribbean Blue Calcite Info πŸ’Ž

    **Caribbean Blue Calcite**

Mineral Family: Calcite, Aragonite
Structure: Calcium Carbonate
Hardness: 4-5
Chakra: Crown :crown:, Third Eye :eye:
Zodiac: Taurus :taurus:, Libra :libra:
Element: Earth :earth_americas:, Water :ocean:
Planet: Earth :earth_africa:, Venus :heart:
Color: Blue :blue_heart:, Brown :brown_heart:, Light Blue :candle::blue_heart:, White :white_heart:

:pineapple: Caribbean Blue Calcite is a new combination mineral that was recently found in 2019 in Pakistan.

:pineapple: It’s a combination of a very light ocean blue Calcite and light brown and white Aragonite.

:pineapple: Caribbean Blue Calcite may be mined to extinction within a few years. Simply because of the color and minerals within, many miners and crafters will have a high yield on investment. This will cause flooding in the market followed by a permanent drought, unless more deposits are found.

:pineapple: The stone’s energies are still somewhat a mystery, although it resonates with the third eye and crown chakras.

:pineapple:It’s a mind activator and helps one channel their own unique psychic abilities that aid one in elevating consciousness.

:pineapple: While the energies of this stone are mainly a mystery, during your next meditation session, add this stone to your cycle and begin to draw energy off it, so you can channel it within. (To see which energies it has for you).

:pineapple: One of the first things noticed is the overall sense of calm and serenity that takes over one’s physical body. This allows one to more easily β€œslip” out of their physical body and ascend to higher vibrations.

:pineapple: Keep this stone by your bedside for an enhanced perspective of your dreams, as well as an additional power source to aid in lucid dreaming and astral travel.

:pineapple:Other Properties:pineapple:
New beginnings, growth, higher self, inner vision, intuition, knowledge, lucid dreaming, meditation, mental enhancement, expanded awareness, psychic abilities, purification, spiritual awakening, stress relief, transformation, channeling, astral travel, attunement, ascension, bridging the spiritual and physical worlds, dreams, consciousness, expansion.

Caribbean Blue Calcite Meanings and Crystal Properties - The Crystal Council

Here is my tower:

Inside one of the holes, there’s white Aragonite that looks like a tree!!! I’ll try my best to get it.

I tried but the pictures never do justice!!!


What a beautiful Calcite tower, @Christina4! And that’s so cool that you can peer inside to see Aragonite :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing about this interesting crystal! :gem:


I love looking inside there!!! It’s so amazing!!! You’re welcome :relaxed::rose: