Casting A Circle

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I know this topic has been touched as I did read through some things to try and find some answers to my questions. I want to get some ideas from my coven on how you all cast AND leave your circle.

I do want to cast a circle around me for protection. For me, this is important. I work out of my room which doesn’t have a lot of space but is nice and quiet and feels right to me. My thought is to move my alter into a circled tapestry and cast my circle. Which would mean I would need to tidy things up afterwards and not have my circle (tapestry) sitting out but rather folded up and tucked away.

All of that said, since casting a circle is important to me what would everyone recommend for casting and leaving the circle and cleaning it up afterwards? Does anyone have any quick and easy methods so I can concentrate more on the spell I’m working on that day?

I’m going to be a newbie meditator as well. I want to get in a lot of practice so I didn’t want it to be too envolved when it comes to protecting my space. I also need good tips on properly leaving the circle and picking it up after I am done.

:heart: Jojo


Hey @Jojo it sounds like a good plan to me. One of my altars is a round table and when I’m working with that altar I will move it to the center of the room and when I’m done I will push it back against the wall. When you cast your circle, if you have to leave it for some reason, cut open a door to walk through. You can use your finger, wand, or athame. Close it back when you step out and when you get what you need, open a doorway back into it and close it. I hope this helps, but I think the tapestry idea is great, especially when it feels right to you.


Here are some tips that have worked for me. I have a small space and am easily distracted and this keeps me focused. 1. My ritual is typed up on paper (opening and closing the circle, evocations, and supplies I need). I pretty much know it by heart but it helps me focus on other things and not forget anything. 2. Most every basic tool I use is in a handled makeup case, such as chime candles, candles, altar tools, cauldron, etc. That helps me grab what I need to make a circle or travel and it is also discreet. I use my list to gather everything (usually goes on a coffee table) before I get started, including candles, matches, crystals, herbs and incense. Those items all have a place to live (boxes and shelves) so I know where and how to put them all back 3. I print out the spell I am going to use or I have a BOS. I often alter a spell to my preferences so it is rare I just use one straight out of a book, although I have several books of spells. 4. If I am short on space, like on my patio or in my living room, I stretch my arms and do a trial walk around to see if I have got my circle wide enough to walk around clockwise and counter clock wise without knocking too many things over :slight_smile: I have sometimes outlined the circle with crystals or leaves or flower petals, or outside, I have used salt or chalk, etc. Usually I put down 4 seven-year candles in jars at the Cardinal points so that defines my circle. I know they are there, I still knock them over sometimes LOL. I learned not to put my tools and candles on the rug after burning it a couple of times. And I have a circle tapestry and I burnt that one, too. Sigh. So, after learning the hard way, the center of my circle is always a sturdy and spacious coffee table or a patio table if I am working outside. 5. In the beginning, I always wanted my altar to look just so with all the recommended pieces and candles for every entity, etc. I just ended up knocking over stuff a lot. Now, I use my intuition and the purpose of the spell more, e.g, sometimes I use a bell, sometimes I don’t. I pretty much always have some salt, water, incense and at least one candle but I don’t go too with it as much as I once did, and that cuts down on my set up and break down. I also bought an altar stone that has a visual representation of the four elements and a pentagram and that reduces the amount of items on the altar (coffee table, what have you). I have also cast circles without almost anything, just me evoking elements and entities. But usually I do bring out the bells and whistles.


this is my very long circle casting ritual. With spells and meditation, it’s a commitment LOL (Walk around three times clockwise, I usually sprinkle salt as I chant this) I cast the circle thrice about, To keep love in and evil out. (after third time, I say: The circle is now closed. So mote it be.

(stand at East) Guardians of the East, Spirits of Air.

Air inside me, air all around me.
In the water and in the sky
In the fire and in the earth.
Mild breezes and wild winds.
Air in my lungs and in every cell
And everything that has life.
I call on you, wise air
To bless me and to bless this circle.

(stand at South) Guardians of the South, Spirits of Fire

Fire in me, above me and below me
In the earth and in the sky
Fire in the candles and the fireplaces
Fire in volcanoes and fire in the Core
Fire in lightning, fire in electricity and
Fire running through the nerves of my body
And everything that has life.
I call on you, powerful fire
To bless me and to bless this circle

(Stand at West) Guardians of the West, Spirits of Water

Water inside me and all around me
In the earth and in the sky
In lakes, oceans, streams and rivers
In rain and in snow
In the blood of my body and the vapor of my breath
And everything that has life.
I call on you, lovely water
To bless me and to bless this circle

(Stand at North)

Guardians of the North, Spirits of Earth
Earth under my feet
Earth under the sky and under the water
Earth in the soil, earth in the sand.
Earth in mountains, caves, crystals and ocean bottoms.
Providing a home for me and all I love
And everything that has life.
I call on you, supportive earth
To bless me and to bless this circle

Father Sun / alt: Father Sky
Giver of life
I am your child and I love you
I call on you to bless me and this circle

Mother Moon / alt: Mother Earth
Mover of the tides
I am your child and I love you
I call on you to bless me and this circle

Great Spirit, Creator of All
Spirit in me and in all
That exists in the Universe.
I am your child and I love you
I call on you to bless me and this circle

Dearest Ancestors
You paved my way
I am your descendant and I love you
Lend me your wisdom and strength
As I perform these works tonight
I call on you to bless me and this circle

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
The circle is now cast. So mote it be.

(spells and meditation)

Open the circle by going in reverse:

(Name each in reverse, moving around the circle; (Name): ____________)

You were here and I thank you.
Go in peace and love.
(walk around counter clockwise 3 times) The circle is now open. (put away tools) and then it is time for milk and cookies :slight_smile:


Hi Jojo, I’m Garnet and you should always lay a circle to both keep negative energy out and to protect your personal energy, It’s like building a titanium wall. Without your permission, nothing can cross your circle.

Actual casting can be formal, long, and or ritualistic. Spells8 has a very nice ceremony under

  1. It can also be as easy as using your ‘will’ to create your circle. Some use their wands, I personally use my fingers. I close my eyes and visualize the circle while moving my hand clockwise around my body. As I focus, depending on what I want it made of, the circle encloses me in safety and contains any power I create from escaping. The removal of the circle is even easier.

  2. You’ve done your altar work, thanks to the elements, the Deity of your choice, and mentally you erase the circle and clean your workspace. If needed put your magick tools away or cover the entire altar with a clean sheet to protect it from dust.

  3. I prepare my magickal space with blessings and gratitude. This includes your tools and or instruments of Magick, anoint them if you desire.

  4. The tapestry is a lovely idea! If you feel it is required, lay your tapestry, vacuum it, and cleanse it with sage if possible.

  5. Your altar is ready, your space is cleansed and now, you cast your circle. Sometimes, depending on how focused you are, you can almost hear (revolving_hearts:) as it snaps together.

  6. Call your corners, do your spells, and give your thanks. Open the circle and put your magical Outremonts away.
    Some leave it up at all times, just blessing it before and after each use.
    I hope I didn’t make that too wordy.
    Blessings Miss Newby!


Oh wow thank you so much everyone. This is all so helpful.

Garnet, I wanted to tell you when I was cleansing my alter tools I suddenly remembered I did not cast my circle. In fact, I’d never casted a circle in my life! I decided to just use my finger. I immediately felt the energy around and from me move upward and remembered the cone of power from my lessons. It was such a great feeling to know what I was already feeling inside (being a witch) and actually putting it into practice. That’s when I knew I needed to make sure I really studied casting my circle!

Thank you again everyone. Blessed be! :two_hearts:


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