Casting a spell on bed

Normally you cast a spell prior some preparations like, cleansing your space, meditation to get on that mood, LBRP, or calling the quarters.
Last night in witching hour I was on bed sleeping, waking up thinking of a situation, when I fall on a trance state. In that state; but aware of everything around me, I started to cast a spell. Understanding the state of trance I was, but also that my guide was helping me for it. I do have experience working with my guides, never like this.
Certainly there’s nothing to learn on what happened to me, but wanted to write it down, and to share with like minded people.
Blessed Be!


Interesting, Pedros! I can’t say I’ve ever had an experience like that. Thanks for sharing!


When I read the title, I thought you were casting a spell on your bed. Like you were having trouble sleeping, or needed a partner! I have had no experience like you had, but it is certainly interesting!


Yes that is the same as i thought… I have not been as fortunate to work with guides or anything in a deep conscious state… The deepest i can go is during meditation or when i did once in bed and fell asleep well at least that is what i though when i slowly woke a few minutes later i couldn’t believed i fell asleep… Wonder if that is deep trace like state :thinking:


Definitely almost. Although the difference is you aren’t falling asleep, and you enter that deep trance and know you’ve entered it in amazement. Sometimes when you come back to, there is so much information to process that you almost instantaneously forget it all! But while you were there, your body is completely gone - you know your body is there somewhere, but you feel nothing of it, and sometimes even lose all memories of your physical life while you are in this other conscious state, and regain memories from ‘that’ dimension you are experiencing - as if returning home.



Cool! well i hope when i have time to myself i can one day enter that state…


You will :wink:


Sounds like something that would happen aroud 3am at this time of the year :jack_o_lantern: :fallen_leaf:

I think there is something to learn in that experience. For example that you received confirmation from your guides that your mind is casting the right spells.

Thanks for sharing @pedros10