Casting spells in daylight as opposed to under the moon?

Do spells work just as well if they are cast in daylight as opposed to under the moon? As long as the right spell is cast in the proper moon phase? I believe the answer is yes, but would love a little discussion to delve in to. Mahalo in advance and Blessed Be!

PS. I live with my boyfriend and he is usually around during the evening when the moon is shining bright. I like to pray, meditate and cast my spells when he is not at home so I have privacy. I don’t think he would mind what I am doing, I just feel more relaxed having my own space to practice.


There is a symbolic element to the time of casting a spell. You can use planetary hours to correspondend with the intention of your spell.

For example, When the Moon is out you can cast spells of an intuitive and emotional nature (Lunar). Meanwhile, cast spells in the daytime to invoke a more energetic, aggressive energy (Solar Magic).


You could make some moon water for the different moon phases and either incorporate it into your ritual somehow or consecrate and/or cleanse your tools with it before the ritual to draw on the energy of whichever phase is appropriate for the ritual in question. I have some for each phase that I use whenever I can’t wait for the next phase in question or if I just specifically feel like I need that particular boost to make it stronger. I try to make a new batch of each every lunar cycle but sometimes I just don’t feel up to it so I’ll just put it back in the moonlight to charge it. But I don’t usually work according to lunar phases unless a ritual is very specific about timing. I’ve had very good results with the moon water though.

In addition I also frequently use the sun salt recipe that I listed in the post that @Francisco linked above if my work is centered more on fire energy or for work that I need a more intense energy for and it’s worked quite well.

I’ve found that lunar energy is a more subtle energy for spells that need to work over longer periods of time and solar energy is intense for things that need to ignite quickly and are more urgent or can’t really take a long time to show results (new job spells, money spells and I typically use it for strength/motivation or happiness spells)



This one is subjective to your own belief system.

In my practice, I do most of my spellwork during the day because I work from home. During the day, no one is here but myself and I can be focused without having to hear, “MOM” every 10 seconds :laughing: I don’t usually do spellwork according to the moon phase unless I need an extra magical boost or correspondence for the spell. However, I am sure to do my cleansing and wards on full moons and new moons.


I do the same thing for this reason. If I do happen to do anything in the evenings it’s because I need some oomph from the moon phase or I am making Moon Water :droplet: or Charging Items.

I have had great results with doing work during the day more than not. I follow correspondences as closely as I can & very specific to the intention then when I perform the working, depends more on my time at home & who is here & the amount of oomph needed. :blush:


Thank you!