☀️ Sun salts...is this a thing?

It’s Saturday and in my house that means witch school is in session (while our magical education is equally as important as formal education we focus on school during the weekdays and travel to Hogwarts for the weekend. :laughing: It was pipers ideas to call it Hogwarts) this way she can keep her grades up. Anyways, my young’n comes to me and hands me her phone and asks “can we make these?” Because today I have her reaching types of salt and their uses on account of the attitude I’ve been getting from her. She had this Site Pulled up on her tablet. I told her I had never heard of them but I’d find out more about it but her insistence was adorable so we made it them anyway… Or a modified version because why not?

We used calendula, coltsfoot flowers and chamomile, orange essential oil and orange peel and for fun she added gold glitter dust
And we have it charging in the sun with a raw citrine tooth

Anyone know anything about sun salt? (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but I wasn’t sure if it is considered a question or a recipe :laughing::woman_shrugging:t3:)


Well moon salts are a thing, so it would seem appropriate for balance for sun salts to be a thing. A quick google search returned some sites selling them, so I vote yes. Apparently used for masculine energy, fire and protection.


The article for God’s and Goddesses can be found clicking on the headline I have posted.
I just could not paste it properly, sorry!
In small amounts, this salts, can be added to cooking, that would pleas Venus right?


Well in this case I may have to take a sample and see how it works but if it’s legit then I’ll let her keep it for her own apothecary cabinet


Thanks, you are all :sparkling_heart:.


It sounds neat! What a smart little witch you have!


looks like a fun weekend


Moon magick definitely seems to be the most popular, but Solar magick is a thing as well- the sun has an abundance of lovely energy for witches to draw upon! :sun_with_face: :sparkles: