Celebrating Birthdays of deceased family members

Good Morning!

So today would have been my mothers 69th birthday had she not been taken from us by ovarian cancer 12 years ago. Anyway, do any of you have a certain ceremony or activity you do for deceased friends/family? I just want her to know I am thinking of her.


Personally I just talk to my parents, but there is a wonderful Spell for a Dead Loved One that might help you out that looks easy to do.


I like to do a tarot and oracle reading, go out to eat at their favorite restaurant, and meditate to connect and talk with them :heart:


I believe that as your mother, she knows that you’re thinking about her. I’d do what you’d normally do with her when she was here for her birthday. Maybe have some cake or have a little wine. Then visit her and talk to her (if you can travel to the plot at the cemetery, my family is mostly too far to visit). Tell her that you’re thinking about her.


Greetings @WisconsinWitch,

Sending warm thoughts to you as you honor of the memory of your mother on her birthday. As for how to celebrate, I can see you’ve already got some great suggestions here! :blush: Have you considered making a small shrine or altar in her honor? You can light candles, incense, and decorate the space with her favorite things. You could even offer some of her favorite food and share it as you sit together.

I hope you find a lovely way to honor her memory- much love and blessed be! :pray::candle:


Hi @WisconsinWitch, Sarah, sorry to hear of your mother. I lost my dad at a young age, my Mom around 15 years ago, a sister 12 years ago. I usually just go up to visit them at the cemetery, sit on the grass and tell them what has taken place since my last visit. Bring them flowers and it’s easy for me, they are all in the same plot. Or you can do the Spell for a Dead Loved One as Amethyst suggested. Sending love your way.


I love that you continue to honor you mother! I am excited that our loved ones who have gone before are really still with us and know that we love them. My parents and both my brothers have already gone but visit me in my dreams almost nightly! It brings me great comfort. I am also looking for ways to honor them on their special days. I love the suggestions so far!


sorry to hear about your mom. this Feb. 18th was a hard day for me. cause it marked one year of mother being gone. we was just getting to each other when she was taken from me. she live in MI (since I was 16 ) and bought her back with me to Oklahoma after her funeral, it had been 20 year since i had seen my mother in person. so to make to long story shorter.

her birthday is may 7th, so i made a cake and dressed up her urn. now its a holiday thing and around my house. we dress up my moms urn.


I don’t celebrate so much as remember them fondly on their birthdays.
I live a thousand miles from where my family is buried so visiting their graves is improbable for me as I age.
My parents, grandparents friends and so on. At the same time, I’m not sure I could visit the graves, of my parents. Yet.
Funny story.
Mom and I were decorating family graves one year when I was a child probably under 10, and she was visiting her grand parents graves.
They were buried in a very old, rather over grown cemetery in a small town called ‘Ischia’ (Ish-ah-way). She had a pot of lovely geraniums for their graves. She got about ten feet from their graves and squeaked, called out:
“Sorry Grandma and Grandpa.”
She threw the pot at their graves, grabbing my arm, she dragged me to the car and stuffed me into it. She left a cloud of dust as she rushed down the one lane dirt road. I kept staring at her until she looked at me and succinctly said–wait for it—SNAKES!Enough said?

Blessed be