Celebrating Yule

Since my kids won’t be coming for Christmas I’ve decided to celebrate my first Yule and am looking for some suggestions please. I’m definitely walking more the green wiccan path so anything along those lines would be lovely. TIA
Love and light to all xx



You decorate your home woith garlands and wreaths using clippings (without harming the trees). I made mine from the trees in my garden last year. Incorporate dried fruits and cinnamon sticks to create a beautiful scent in your home.

Mix a yule themed blend for an essential oil diffuser e.g. with orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint, frankincense etc

Also find a fallen tree when you could obtain your yule log. Decorate it also and then you may choose to burn it. You can burn it outside and use it in a ritual to release those things which no longer serve you. I wrote them and burned them.

Make some mulled wine and a chocolate yule log to enjoy with others around your fire.

Blessed be



Bake a Yule cake!


Wake up early and watch the sun come up. Some witchcraft author, I can’t remember which one right now, wrote about midwifeing the new Sun into the world, encouraging Gaia to give birth with revelry and good cheer. Always sounded like fun to me.


What a beautiful idea for a ritual


I thought so! I’ve not done it because it doesn’t seem fun to do it yourself, you need a group or a least a buddie.


I hadn’t thought that far into it yet but you’re absolutely right


Otherwise, you’re just a lone crazy screaming at the sky. LOL!


I love Yule. Here’s a ritual I plan to do. It’s a Norse ritual but I think it can be done by any path.

You’ll need:

Sage bundle for cleansing. (Or other herb)
12 candles (tealights are fine) for each month of the year.
Bowl of salt or earth
Cup of water
1 larger candle to represent fire
Fireproof dish
Cake, candy

1 First cleanse your area.
2 Then arrange the 12 candles in a circle in the room where you’re doing the ritual. (Or outside if the weather’s good under the stars)
3 Light the candles and create a sacred space by placing a symbol of the 4 elements inside the circle (bowl of salt/earth for earth, incense for air, cup of water for water, the large candle for fire).
4 Sit inside the circle of candles and centre yourself, completely relaxed in the flickering candlelight.
5 Feel the balance of the 4 elements.
Think on all the events in your life over the past year, the people in your life, see them in your mind’s eye, feel their love for you and say:
"I release the past with love and understanding.
May the light of Yule bless you.
May the light of Yule bless me.
So mote it be "
6 Visualise the image of each person receiving your blessing and fading into the candlelight.
7 If you have any pain about the past year, take a bite of the cake/candy.
Allow the treat to dissolve in your mouth, tasting its sweetness, counteracting any pain or bitterness. This sweetness is what your new year holds. Say outloud:
“I taste the sweetness of life and see the future bright with hope.”

8 Stay within your circle of light for as long as you need.
9 When finished leave some cake/candy as an offering to the gods in thanks.

Have a lovely Yule :sparkling_heart:


Oh, that sounds so lovely! Thanks for sharing it!


I probably won’t be celebrating Yule or the Solstice this year just because of my life circumstances. I will be honoring the season, but there probably won’t be much of a celebration.

One thing I did last year was a sacrifice of my time. I stayed up all night and kept vigil until sunrise. I lit one candle at sundown on the night of the solstice, one candle halfway through the night, and one candle at sunrise the next day. Throughout the night, I meditated, read, crocheted, and did a lot of self-reflection. I didn’t allow myself to have TV or any sort of electronics beyond what I would need for my meditations or books.

It was a wonderful exercise in self-sacrifice for a greater purpose, and a great chance to reflect on what self-sacrifice means to me in my practice.

In about a week or two, I will create the Coven Celebrations post for this sabbat. It’s one that I create around every sabbat as a way to gather resources for those looking to celebrate, but also a place for us to come together in our own celebrations. Keep an eye out for that soon, too! :tada:

That’s a beautiful ritual @tracyS :heart: Did you write this one yourself? I love it!


@MeganB I modified it from The Book Of Norse Magic by Cerridwen Greenleaf. It’s a beautiful book where she mixes Norse tradition with Wiccan rituals. I’ve used it alot. :sparkling_heart:


It’s such a pretty ritual :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: