Chakra question - if something is missing

About 10 years ago I had uterine cancer and had complete hysterectomy.
My question is ‘If these organs are missing, will it effect your chakra’.


No, not at all! Its an energy system. Not physical.
The Chakras are powerful energy fields in our body that hold the key to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. So, it helps our physical body but it doesnt effect your chakras whatsoever.


I’m not a chakra expert, but from everything I’ve read and studied so far in my chakra research so far, I would say that the presence or lack of organs wouldn’t have an effect on your chakra work :+1:

Like Christina said, it’s all about energy!

That being said, it is about feeling and sensing that flow of energy in your physical form, so if you feel that there is a spot within you where it is hard to sense or channel energy, I can see how that might effect your work.

I would encourage you to set aside any doubts and gently work through any mental blockages you are experiencing during your chakra work. While there are many physical benefits of chakra meditation, you might try setting aside the physical and focusing just on the underlying energy flow as you work :person_in_lotus_position: :rainbow:

Good luck and blessed chakra work, Garnet! :sparkles:


Looking up what an hysterectomy, it looks to happen at the root and sacral chakras (sorry to read you went through this).

My experience on reading, practicing chakra meditation, and listening to chakra meditation teachers.

Don’t have a direct source, but putting it together the best I can, initially it will take more time, focus, and work to energize and balance it back out with the other chakras. Going through what you went through, your confidence in the region is shaken up Shouldn’t take long to come back together to where it needs to be.

Sometimes it can be physical as well. If there is a part of one’s body very critical or/and negative towards: chest is ugly, neck too short, forehead is weird. Going to have a harder time with where that chakra is locate to energize it with good energy because made too much room for the not so good.



As an energy healer, I learned to close surgical scars energetically. In my healing touch classes, I was taught that sometimes there can be an energy leak. I can feel the energy with my hands and an energy leak feels very cold. Another way to tell if there is an energy leak is
any irritation around the scar and/or continuing pain or discomfort. In addition to healing any wounds and scars, it’s always good to clear, and heal all of your chakras, especially in these ‘turbulent’ times!

Much :heart: Love!


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