Chakras for Witches Kindle Book on sale

Wanted to share this with everyone, just got my copy!

I hope this email finds you well, and ready for a period of rest and renewal in the weeks ahead. As we traditionally turn our focus inward at this time of year, it seems an excellent time to release a very unique book in my new collaboration series: Chakras for Witches: A Beginner’s Guide to the Magic of the Body and Healing Energetic Imbalances.

To celebrate this special release, Chakras for Witches is available on Amazon at the heavily-discounted price of just 99c! This sale will only run for a few days, so click here or on the book cover below to get your copy now!


Ooh I hope UK has same offer, thanks for sharing :partying_face:


Ooh, thanks for this! It looks interesting!


I really enjoy Lisa Chamberlain’s works, but I’m terrible at remembering to read the email newsletters she sends- oops!

Thank you for sharing this nice sale, Artemisia. I feel like Black Friday is coming early this year! :grinning: :shopping: :two_hearts: