Change Your Language

Good moring! It’s Queen of Witch Bottles here – let’s talk about language today.


Gosh, Silverbear, you’re so pretty! :sparkling_heart:

I have to say that I really like the style of this video- it feels like a very wholesome heart-to-heart. I enjoyed the video, thanks so much for sharing! :sparkles:


I absolutely second every word that Bry wrote here! :hugs: :heart: :face_holding_back_tears: SilverBear, you are simply amazing. :cupid: :sparkles: You are a beautiful soul and an inspiration for thousands of people who too, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.
Blessed Be my heart! :hearts: :heart:


Changing my language and mindset are things that I’m working on in therapy. I can say it’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve attempted :sweat_smile: When you get stuck in a mindset or thought pattern for so long, shifting it can feel unnatural. But you know what, it’s been a few months of trying and I can tell a difference, I think!

Thank you for sharing this :heart:


It’s definitely hard to change your mindset - we are actually wired to think negatively! So, in reality it does take work and mindfulness to not go down the road of doom! I still catch myself on occasion “regressing”


Thank you so much @BryWisteria :smiling_face:

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We are what we tell ourselves. Affirmations have always been hard for me, but may be a way for me to change the way I talk to myself. Something else for me to work on…

Thank you @SilverBear and you are beautiful and I do so Love you posts, especially your jars :purple_heart:


So glad I stopped to watch today! Thanks for the reminder!


Isn’t it strange how we’re wired to think like that? :thinking: I can understand remembering the negative things in life because usually that’s what keeps us safe, but in the modern world, it totally backfires on us. :revolving_hearts: Thank you again for this reminder - time to journal!


Thank you for this video @SilverBear and for sharing your personal struggles. I’ve had social anxiety most of my life and started taking medication at age 21. Over time I’ve had periods of calm and streaks of anxiety. Depression got added to the mix around the time of lockdowns. I spent longer than I should “trying” to work myself out on my own but really I wasn’t doing much about it.

10 weeks ago I started seeing a new therapist, began an 8-week program through AbleTo, dove headfirst into Gottman Institute blogs about relationships and conflict and started really putting in the work. The turning point for me was in response to advice my friend gave me during a particularly dark day. “Focus on what you can control”

What can I control? How I think. How I act. How I respond. I can’t control other people, the weather, the future…

Am I “fixed”? Heck no, but I have tools to manage tough times, skills to avoid pitfalls, and belief that I can do it.

Thank you for sharing - it was perfect timing!


I think your friend is very wise- this is great advice! :pray: :heart:


Excellent video and I think the best way to deal with the difficulty is what the girl says acceptance love liberation Thank you!


This video was perfect timing for me thank you for sharing @SilverBear. I struggle with allot of self hate just recently I quit smoking marijuana because I depended on it to function I didn’t eat or sleep for years I just used marijuana as fuel to get things done until my body just gave out and I ended up with degenerative disc disorder in my neck. When I found out in December that’s where the pain was coming from I took it pretty hard I didn’t know how to live with it or if I even wanted too sometimes debilitating pain can take us to a place we don’t wanna go. When you said “ we are wired to think negatively” that spoke to me I went online to read more in depth about it because I didn’t know that. Negativity as a way of taking over my entire wellbeing all day long I replay events that have hurt me over and over again until I feel physically sick. My insecurities could eat me alive and I have trouble dealing with life on life’s terms and the normal human emotions that were supposed to allow are selfs to feel so we can learn and grow I don’t even know how to begin to do that so I just stayed high all the time to cope but now I quit and it’s time to really face me, deal with me and it’s not easy. I read somewhere “ if you knew how powerful your thoughts are you would never think negatively again”. I’m really gonna work on my affirmations I learned allot from your video thank you so much for posting I’m really grateful I saw it.


Yes, I love this so much!

This has been an ongoing thing for me in therapy, too. There’s even an exercise my therapist has taught me for this. You basically draw a circle and write what you can control on the inside and what’s out of your control on the outside. It was really difficult at first, but I’ve gotten better at identifying what’s actually in my control.

You can do it, @crystal59 :clap: :heart: I have faith in you - it’ll be a challenge, sure, but a challenge well worth it!


Maybe these will help too -


Oh I like this idea! I may have to try it out. I’m pretty tactile and old school so physically writing things and seeing it on paper may be helpful for me. Thank you for sharing!


You’re welcome! I was actually able to find a free worksheet online to help with this. It’s slightly different than what I described, but still super helpful!


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Ohhhh a printout? You’re speaking my language :sweat_smile: thank you!!


haha you’re welcome! I figured I was! :joy: I’m the exact same way! :heart: