Channeling bad energy into good energy

I’m not sure why, but I have been very angry and out of sorts this week. Nothing I did helped until I took on A Basin. It’s a very difficult and challenging snowboarding area.

I strapped myself in and screamed my way down the bowls, asking Mother Nature what she wanted from me, and what I should do.

She told me what she wanted. And she showed me what to do. That -12°F and 9" of new snow was worth it.

Thank you Mother Nature for knowing what i needed, and how to help me. I sometimes just need to actually listen.


WOW. You’re brave. I have difficulties not falling down while just standing up if I’m not paying attention. To meditate while on a snowboard must mean you’re awesome at it! Way to go!


Sometimes all we need is a good rage ritual and a release of pent up energy :heart: good job to you for finding a healthy way to release that pent up tension!


You called and Mother Nature answered- good for you for doing what you had to do! It sounds like you found your answers and also had a very memorable (and hopefully fun too!) snowboarding run.

Good luck with the path ahead! :snowboarder: :sparkles::blush:

Blessed Be


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