Chant and Poem for Guidance and Wisdom from Abba and Balatik

Hello and welcome to all, as always this is another poem, this time it includes 2 different poems which can be turned into chants for 2 different deities and the mortals they preside over,

Challenge Prompt from : 🌌 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Astrology: Reading the Skies

Blessed Be and Enjoy,

Poem for Abba
By: Margaret
Inspired from: PHILIPPINE MYTHOLOGY: BATHALA OR ABBA. & Pinoy ethnoastronomy: How the stars guided our ancestors - FlipScience - Top Philippine science news and features for the inquisitive Filipino.

Mankind’s protector
Loved a mortal woman
Who bore 3 daughters

Associated to lightning
Yet said to be kind
Long as it isn’t abusing

With his 3 children
Rules the skies
While guiding mankind

No matter the age
Or generation to unfold
May Abba continue

To watch mankind
Should he be forgotten
In the folds of time

Comfort those injustice
Love those sincere
And guide the seekers

To answers found
From nature itself
For the present era

by: Margaret

Hunter from the stars
Brave as a lion
Offering a pig for Hyades

A hidden gem
Written in scripts
About a woman’s Anito

Deity of hunting
Commonly called Tres Marias
The belt of Orion

May Balatik guide
Nature’s voyagers
To fate’s destination

For all of time
In agriculture and hunting
In every generation


Wow- not just one, but two! We are blessed to read your lovely chant and poem, they are both beautifully written, @Anne2 :clap::heart: The deities sound lovely, and their presence in the stars and skies overhead ties in well with the challenge. Great job! :star2: :blush:


You’re welcome @TheTravelWitch , It was fun to write this, I was figuring out how to write the tale of the two different deities, I’ll deal with Abba’s 3 daughters in a future poem (each one’s a bit long of a tale, if I recall correctly 1 - 2 of the daughters there could even be a son depending on which indigenous people beliefs we’re talking about, it could even be all 3, married different deities, this is for the first generation myth about them)… Balatik was a bit of a challenge yet nevertheless was also fun to write about,

Blessed Be,