Checking in after a while

Hi everyone
So sorry been off the grid. . Ive been pretty much in isolation and almost a lil bit of a self home hospitalization situation. Didnt even realise just how much id been bed ridden and isolated and how much struggling. I hadn’t realised how disconnected from outside world id gotten. Ive been taking care of myself best i could on days or during short periodsi could manage something…but no ones noticed anything was going on and id just been truing to get through each day. . Cant believe how much time has passed…its been weeks since ive got on here and i felt so bad so much time had passed since id been on. . I thought i should get onnand say hi and wish everyone a great rest of week. Hope everyones doing well :cherry_blossom::sunflower::rose::blossom:
Ive found even my practice had slipped due to health and how struggling but ive started to do my daily blessinf prayed again and drinking herbal teas to help my health and try in what way i can right noe to reconnect to my practice again


@Phoenix_Fire I’m glad you’ve back! :purple_heart::people_hugging::blush::tada:
I’m sorry you were having such a hard time! You needed to take of yourself! If there’s ever a time you need to talk, just reach out with a post or a message! We’re here for you! I know it can be hard when you start feeling bad mentally and physically. I think most of us have found ourselves there too. We love you! :heart: :purple_heart:

I’m glad you’ve started getting back to your practice :blush: Simple things too that you can build on! Remember there’s no time frame on getting back into things! If you need anything feel free to message me! :sparkles: :purple_heart::blush::people_hugging:


Beautiful to see you again. I hope you start to feel a little better. We’re here for you lovely :sparkling_heart:


I’m sorry for your struggles. I’m glad to see you back. I hope you recover quickly. Lots of love to you hunny


Hi @Phoenix_Fire glad to have you back!!:grin: :infinite_roots::silver_heart: :hekate_wheel:


@Phoenix_Fire hey I am Tab :slight_smile: sending a big healing hug. I am with everyone else above :cherry_blossom:glad your taking care of yourself…looking forward to chatting with you as you get better :heart_eyes_cat:


Hello @Phoenix_Fire,

It’s always great to hear from you! :heart:

It sounds like despite the challenges you are finding creative ways to take care of yourself and enjoy your practice- that’s really amazing!

I’m wishing you all the best with everything!

Much love and many blessings to you :two_hearts:


@ Phoenix_Fire I’m glad you’re with us!
health problems are difficult … I hope you get well soon and feel beautiful
we are here for you
I send you big hugs and lots of light :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:
we love you! :pentagram: