Chrysanthemum properties and uses

I posted a comment on This week’s challenge thread but since I just bought a chrysanthemum plant I did a little research and thought I should share it with you all.

Gender: male ♂️
Planet: Mars ♂️
Element: fire :fire:
Properties: love, joy, protection, stops arguments, calms tempers, longevity, peace, harmony, happiness, luck, boosts the power of any spell work


  • Add flowers to a bath to get rid of a bad mood

  • Hang mum buds in the house for protection

  • Add 3 blossoms, sage and Pink Himalayan salt to a red flannel bag for a protection mojo

  • Dress a protection candle for extra oomph

  • Mix flowers with ginger and dragons blood resin and burn on a charcoal disc for a fiery protection incense


This is beautiful- chrysanthemums are a favorite of mine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Not only because it seemed like the whole neighborhood where I lived in the USA used to put them out as a decorations for fall :maple_leaf:, but also because they really are protective :shield:

My mother is a gardener who always puts chrysanthemums at the edges and corners of flower beds. They act as a “sacrificial flower”- attracting most of the bugs and pests so that the other plants in the garden bed are protected and can thrive :seedling:

A truly protective plant! :blush: Thanks for sharing your wisdom, @phoenix_dawn- I haven’t seen any chrysanthemums here in Poland this year, but it’s a happy memory to think about :two_hearts:

Blessed be!


Well perhaps when you find your way back stateside I could send you a cutting off mine. It’s a decent size mature plant already I decided to get an older one with that since I wanted to use the flowers for my work but I also figured it would be harder to kill even though I do have a ghost plant and Alvin the aloe is making a recovery and now I have his brother Simon and I’ve just noticed my 3:dwarf weeping willow bonsai cuttings has sprouted roots and then I have my gorgeous mum’s a f*hr4a


You are really kind, @phoenix_dawn! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My mother always has an abundance of mums at this time of year so I’m sure I’d be able to take some from there- but thank you so much! You are truly very thoughtful :pray::heart:

May your chrysanthemum, Alvin, Simon, and other plants thrive this season! :herb::sparkles::blush: