Cleaning/ Refreshing shower

I wanted a cleansing shower and not soak in the tub. So I decided to look on Pinterest. I saw a sachet of herbs you tie to your shower head and let the water run through the herbs. For this one I used the following:
1/2 bag full of Eucalyptus leaves
1/4 of lemongrass
Chamomile and spearmint to fill the rest of the bag.

I got a few bags like this at the dollar store in the baby shower section. They are great for under the pillow and now hanging in the shower. Super fine flowers and herbs will fall through them.

I didn’t feel it was all that strong, but felt relaxed for sure. I also feel this would help with colds as well, as mint and eucalyptus are known to help ease breathing issues.


Wow, awesome! Thank you for sharing! It looks beautiful!


Great idea!!


This is some creative shower magick- I love what you’ve done with putting the herbs in a little bag! :star_struck: I love to use herbs and flowers in the bath, but let me tell you the clean up afterward can defeat the whole point of destressing in the first place hah :sweat_smile: By keeping them neat and tidy in the pouch, you get all the benefits of the herbs and cleanup is a breeze.

This is awesome, @NoName- thank you so much for sharing this lovely shower spell recipe! :shower: :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch i have also heard of people using these to make a “tea” bath. I personally love soaking with herbs on me, even though it’s a pain to clean up.
I actually freaked my kids out once when using lavender. They thought there were a bunch of bugs in the tub after I drained the water. I may have led them on for just a few minutes before laughing and saying that it was actually lavender. :joy:


Oh yes! A bag of chamomile tea in the bath is my quick and easy go-to when I want an herbal bath- it’s a great thing! :blush: I have little bags similar to the one you used (they’re great for wrapping gifts!) but I didn’t consider using them for a bath spell bag- they really seem perfect! :sparkles:

Hahaha omg about your kids and the lavender- the buds do look like little bugs if you didn’t know what they were! :joy: Could make for a pretty funny April Fool’s Day joke! :laughing:


Thanks you for giving me an idea​:exploding_head: Unfortunately I suffer with a lack of a bathtub and was trying to figure out how can I apply a spell for shower instead. Awesome find and thanks for sharing :+1:t2: