Cleansing jewerly

After being pack away for almost a year, I finally unpacked my two pentacles. Since they have been closed up for so long, what do I do to cleans them?


Hi @kathryn24! I found this website that might be helpful (If you are Wiccan, but if not this might still be helpful if you want to cleanse your pentacles this way!)


According to the website, three steps include:
1. Cleansing (It mentions putting your jewelry under running water)
2. Bless (Say a cleansing prayer while you are doing step 1)
3. Claim (This consists of wearing it on your skin for 7-10 days while being able to take it off while showering. It also mentions not letting anyone touch it during the 7-10 days)

There are some comments on the website I linked that mention how others cleanse differently. So, I am sure that it depends on the person, path, etc.

How I cleansed my obsidian necklace (and how I cleanse my other pieces of jewelry) is by letting the moon cleanse it overnight and then I wore it for 7 days (however I had to take mine off at night because of a VERY playful kitten and I didn’t want him to commit a felony against me at 3 am LOL)

I hope this helps!!! Blessed be! :slight_smile:


I relate to that feeling, things being packed away only to be unpacked and feel…off. Luckily, cleansing jewelry is one of the easiest things you can do!

@youngea has you covered with one method and I’d like to provide a few more.

Give your jewelry a spiritual bath! While this particular ritual is for people and bodies, you can adapt it to suit anything that needs a spiritual bath as long as it’s safe to go in water. :point_down:

Although this next post is about cleansing candles, the same methods can be applied to other objects as well! You might find this one helpful, too. :point_down:

And then lastly, I released a video on my channel recently about four simple methods for cleansing objects. If you’d like, you can take a look at that too! :point_down:


Greetings @kathryn24!

You’ve got some great tips and advice from Elizabeth and Megan- adding to what’s already been shared, here are a few ways you might cleanse (and potential charge at the same time!):

  • :full_moon: Moon light
  • :salt: Salt (sea, rock, Himalayan, natural- I would avoid table salt)
  • :diya_lamp: Incense
  • :cloud: Smoke
  • :herb: Sage
  • :notes: Music

Good luck and I hope you can find a method of cleansing that works well for you- blessed be! :sparkles: