Cleansing my apartment

Hi there!
Lately the vibe has been way off in my apartment. Some new folks moved in next door and I’m not so sure they didn’t bring some bad energy with them.

Over the last couple weeks my cat won’t eat alone any longer, I have to literally stand by her while she eats. I’ve been feeling heavy and tired, and I keep having this fear that someone or something is getting into my apartment.

What can I do to cleanse and protect my space? Thanks for any support friends!!


First of all, I would cleanse myself. Then if I were you I’d try this spell, Pure Light Spirit and House Cleansing Spell. That’s a good one. It should clear out all the negative energies of your apartment. I’d also put on some music like Woke Nation, to raise the vibration in your home. Do it together and you’re good to go!


Sound cleansing is a great option, just like Amethyst said. If you have bells, gongs or rattles use those too.

Sprinkle salt around the corners of the house, or in the bedroom where you are feeling it the most.

If you really feel a strong presence such as an unwanted entity, here is an useful home cleansing ritual: Strange experiences in our New Home - #2 by Francisco

Lots of luck!


Greetings @heather30 :blush:

I’m so sorry to hear that the new neighbors may have brought in some negative energy. You’ve got some great suggestions here from Amethyst and Francisco :+1: Adding to it, I’ve got a few more things you might consider!

Music is a fantastic way to cleanse the space as well as cleanse yourself too- you might also consider hanging a windchime :wind_chime: somewhere where the air moves, as the sound of the gentle bell from time to time is purifying.

If the negative energy is outside your space, I’d recommend setting up a barrier :shinto_shrine:. This is to make a clear distinction between the “outside” and “inside”- blocking off negative energy from coming into your home. This can be done in many ways, such as:

  • :salt: Drawing a line of salt across your doorstep and windowsill
  • :crossed_flags: Hanging strings of prayer flags (either premade or made by you)
  • :nazar_amulet: Tying a talisman or charm on the door handle and hanging them from windows

I would also recommend casting a protective spell of your choice at timely intervals (once a day, once a week, once a month- however often you feel it is needed) :shield:

As for your kitty- she may be feeling strange energy in the air as well as sensing your stress around the situation. My parents’ cat does the same thing- he is easily influenced by the emotions of the people around him, and when he gets stressed he does not like to be by himself :black_cat: If you’re in doubt, I would consider bringing her for a check-up to her vet .

Sending positive thoughts to you and your kitty- I hope you can get your home back to feeling homey! Many blessings :heart:


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