Cleansing Sigil Board :triskele:

I needed a new way to cleanse small objects, so to the drawing board I went… literally! Watch as I craft a cleansing sigil board for small objects using cheap supplies you can get at the dollar store. The sigil was crafted with the perfect intention, painted, and charged!


I love your process, and the inspiration from the wireless chargers is genius! Also, the sigil itself is beautiful and it’s really cool how the snake symbology just came out on its own. :black_heart:

How long do you think you would need to leave something on the charging plate for?


Very cool!


@starborn – Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you like it! This sigil board is small, and I designed it for use with smaller objects. I think overnight would be good for cleansing something small, but I would have to play it by feel - sometimes something might need longer.

@Amethyst – Thank you!


I thought of this when I walked past one of my random side tables this morning. It’s one of those IKEA ones with a circular metal top. I’m now wondering if I could get a round piece of wood cut to fit, glue it to the top, and turn the whole side table into a charging spot. I keep it by the window, so I can just open the curtains overnight when it needs charging. :thinking:

I will have to consider this more after I move. Thank you! You’ve inspired some creativity in me. :black_heart:


That’s a fantastic idea, @starborn :clap: :tada: If that’s something you decide to do, I hope you’ll show us whenever it happens!


You’re welcome, dear heart!