Communing With Loki & Building Him a Temple

Continuing the discussion from :drinking_horn: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Nordic Traditions and Magick:

Commune with Loki and Seek His Advice

What I’m using:

  • A green Loki candle
  • Loki trickster oil
  • A small carving implement
  • A lighter

Using my tool, I carefully carved the runes Laguz (ᛚ), Ansuz (ᚨ), and Thurisaz (ᚦ) into the candle. From what I understand, Laguz is associated with water and can represent the deep, often subconscious, parts of the psyche, tying it closely to intuition, emotion, adaptability, healing, and renewal. Ansuz, I believe, is associated with the Æsir, divine inspiration, wisdom, communication, expression, revelations, insight, teaching, and learning. Thurisaz seems to be a rune associated with the Jötunn, destruction, chaos, protection, transformation, power, and strength, and while I’ve noticed it having some ties to Thor, I’m really feeling Loki vibes off this one.

Anyway, I used the Loki trickster oil as an anointing oil. Starting from the middle of the candle, I rubbed the oil upwards towards the wick while focusing on my intention to connect with Loki and seek his guidance. Then, I did the same from the middle of the candle downwards towards the base, envisioning my request being sealed into the candle.

One that was one, I lit green candle while saying the following:

Loki, Trickster, and Wise One,
Guide me through the shadows and light.
I call upon your wit and wisdom,
To help me see with clearer sight.

And I gazed at the flame of the candle. Taking a few deep breaths, I cleared my mind of any distractions and focused on your intent to commune with Loki. Closing my eyes, I meditated, visualising him appearing before me, his presence filling the space with a sense of mischievous wisdom.

Once I felt that I had received the guidance he wanted to give me, I thanked Loki for his presence and assistance:

Loki, Trickster, and Wise One,
I thank you for your guidance and light.
As the candle burns, may your wisdom endure,
Guide me through the day and night.


Building a Temple to Loki

As the Norse god of mischief, change, and chaos, this is going to be a challenge. I began by planning the idea before I began building, so it’s possible that I’ll run into positions where I’ll have to change my plan, but that’s okay. Anyway, without further ado…

Aesthetic & Materials

Firstly, materials. I will build this temple with a mix of natural materials such as stone and wood. Then, I’ll aim to use reflective surfaces to create an illusion of shifting shapes and forms.

The lighting in the temple should be dynamic, shifting colours and intensities to create an ever-changing atmosphere. Lanterns and candles might flicker unpredictably, casting dancing shadows across the walls. There could also be stained glass windows that cast colourful, ever-changing patterns on the floors and walls.

Throughout the temple, artwork should depict Loki’s many guises and adventures. Tapestries, sculptures, and paintings would portray him as a trickster, a shape-shifter, and a catalyst for change. These artworks would be both beautiful and unsettling, capturing the duality of Loki’s nature.

Dedicated spaces for rituals and ceremonies should be scattered throughout the temple. These areas should be designed to facilitate offerings, meditations, and communions with Loki. They might include fire pits for burning offerings, stone circles for gathering, and quiet nooks for personal reflection.


Outside the temple, there should be gardens designed to reflect the wild, untamed aspects of nature. These gardens would be filled with plants known for their resilience and ability to thrive in challenging conditions. Paths would wind through the gardens in seemingly random patterns, encouraging exploration and discovery.

The exterior of the temple would blend elements of traditional Norse architecture with an unpredictable, almost whimsical design. The building might appear asymmetrical, with sections jutting out at odd angles, creating an impression of constant movement and change.

The entrance to the temple might be marked by an archway carved with intricate depictions of Loki’s many forms and exploits. The doorway could be flanked by statues of animals associated with Loki, such as a fox or a snake, symbolising his cunning and transformative abilities.

Main Hall

Upon entering the temple, visitors should find themselves in a spacious, open main hall. The floor would be inlaid with mosaic patterns depicting key events from Loki’s mythology, such as the binding of Fenrir, the theft of Idunn’s apples, and his role in the events leading up to Ragnarok.


At the centre of the main hall, a large, intricately carved altar dedicated to Loki should be placed. The altar would feature symbols and runes associated with him. Worshippers seeking Loki’s favour or guidance should place offerings of mead, honey, and other symbolic items here.

Sanctuary Rooms

Surrounding the main hall, there should be smaller sanctuary rooms dedicated to different aspects of Loki’s nature. Each room would have its own unique theme and decor, reflecting Loki’s multifaceted personality.

  • The Room of Trickery: Decorated with illusions, mirrors, and puzzles, encouraging visitors to engage with their cunning and wit.
  • The Room of Change: Featuring elements that shift and transform, such as moving walls, changing lights, and interactive displays that alter their appearance based on the viewer’s perspective.
  • The Room of Chaos: Designed to evoke a sense of controlled disorder, with unexpected elements and surprises hidden throughout.

Temple Progress

The next step was to begin building. I picked a Norse-themed game for this and set to work…

Outside the temple, we have a view of the ocean, and although it cannot be seen in this particular image, one of the branches of Yggdrasil can be seen in the sky above.

I found a space between multiple biomes, where the snowcapped mountains meet a dark forest, with a quaint little meadow where the garden can be laid out.

Two wolf heads representing Fenrir adorn the entrance to the temple, marked with black tapestries and torches. This image also shows the mix of different types of stone and wood used.

A night shot with more progress on the walls having been made.

The view from just within shows the branch of Yggdrasil in the sky. I chose stone for the walls at this point because it’s a lot more weather-resistant. Wood will eventually wear out, especially during rain, and stone is a lot more durable in general. Considering that I also get raided by enemies every few nights, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time repairing everything.

In this shot from “inside,” facing the front, the entrance doors and a pillar holding the roof up can be seen.

Remove the supports, and yes, the roof will come crashing down. When building, the pieces will show a colour to let me know how much strain is on that particular part. When it’s red, it’s likely to collapse.

Now with my back towards the front doors, here’s a central hearth I built.

And from the “back,” a view facing the other way.

An interesting side note is that the fire produces smoke, which needs to go somewhere. So, if this area were enclosed and we had a really low roof, the room would be too smoky to see much of anything. Hence, part of why I’ve planned ahead to have such a high roof. (I’ll probably also have to ensure there are some gaps for the smoke to escape somewhere.)

Also, wood can catch fire, so that’s another thing…

Here’s one last shot of the outside with the moon above.

I know I’ve barely breached the surface of what I hope to achieve, but it took me over six hours to get to this point, and it was a surprising amount of work. I had to build as the character, so in order to reach those high parts of the building, I built temporary scaffolding and ladders and such. I had to level out the terrain beforehand, chop trees, take out the stumps, gather and organise my resources, etc. Here’s a clip of me doing some of this work, sped up 2.5 times:


That game Kool what is the name of it? I build on Minecraft alot


It’s Valheim. :smile:


Niceeeee once I buya new laptop I’m going to build like crazy


I love your candle ritual and prayer.

Your temple will be a lovely place to mentally visit in meditation I think. :sparkling_heart:


Wow love that you use games to create and build for our gods. I never thought about that and I’ve been gaming my whole life.
Beautiful ritual and candle :pink_heart:


@john1 Happy crafting, when you do! :black_heart:

@tracyS Thank you. :black_heart: I was pretty much making it up as I went, but I’d like to read through more of the Loki book before returning. I forgot I even had it for a while. :sweat_smile:

@Nacurro Thank you. :black_heart: This is actually the first time I’ve done it as part of my practice. :sweat_smile: Most of the games I play aren’t this open-ended or themed towards a deity I’m working with. But the stars happened to align here and it’s working out well. :smile:


valheim is fun. :smile: you wrote a nice ritual for loki and the temple is looking great

you might like this game too

it’s not out yet but it’s about being a witch and the title means “river”


Ooh! That looks really nice. I’ll give the demo a try, but I think I already know I’ll like it. :heart_eyes: And it’s nice to see more Slavic-themed games.


Another good one I’m going to try


I always know we’re in for a treat when a see a new ritual post by @starborn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your crafting and spellwork are stunning, and my jaw hit the floor with the virtual temple - that is so cool! I haven’t played Valheim before, but you’re making a very solid case for it. Your temple is beautiful :sparkles: :blush:

A Baba Jaga game!? :heart_eyes: Sign me up! This looks amazing!


So beautiful :heart_eyes: :star_struck: i love this Starborn. Beautiful work, your magic and ritual is next level… Goals… beautiful candle


Thank you, @BryWisteria and @celineelise! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


here’s another one that i like :smile:

but it’s more of a turn-based tactics card game style of game


Ooh! Even better. I love turn-based tactics games. Thank you. :black_heart:


I just saw this “Build of the Month” winner for that Valheim game I was using, and damn, I’m impressed. I can imagine the first one being a temple. Those bonfires! Oh my!


It gives me some ideas for how I can upgrade my Loki temple, too. :thinking:


Gorgeous :heart_eyes: