Confirmation of my path

Today i visited a local holistic centre and was given an angel reading, tarot reading and reiki.

I was shocked when i sat down and the first thing she told me was that I lived in Ancient Egypt in a past life. She told me there is a real connection with all.things Egyptian and that if I had to visit, I’d feel like I had gone home.

She told me that that the deities of Ancient Egypt hear my prayers and answer them. She said they demonstrate a lot of love for me and urge me to continue developing my practice of working wit them.

Then something unexpected happened. She said my brother was standing behind me. She said that he had an eye of Horus in his hand and was placing it on my back. She said it was his way of saying “I’ve got your back”. Thing is…i have the eye of Horus tattooed on my back.

Hearing all of this made me think that I have now truly found the path I am meant to be on and follow. It provided real comfort and reassurance

She also said I should pursue astrology, not knowing that I already do.

During my reiki, she said my crown, third.eye and throat are blocked due to grief. She described my heart chakra as obliterated😭

I havent gone intonthe detailsmof my tarot reading.(this all happened beforehand) but all in all, it was a very worthwhile and reassuring visit.

Blessed be



I wonder, do you feel like you should go there? I have this crazy… need (?) to go to Scotland. It feels like it’s my home, but I’ve never been there. I wonder if you feel like that about Egypt?

That’s great! I’m so glad you pursue astrology becuase I learn so much from you!

My love, you have definitey been through the ringer this last little bit! Here’s to your healing! :heart:


Wow. That sounds wonderful :+1:

I wish I had in my neighborhood such a talented seer. I want to confirm the rightness of my path as well. Though I dreamt of a giant night sky and six or seven moons (new and quarters) on the sky situated one next to another in a Hekate-like symbol. I think I might have had my first contact with Her.

Sorry for your lost, this is very very hard to go through. You are very strong and will get better. I pray for you to get even stronger :pray::sparkles:
My throat chakra is also very weak most of my life, due to tough childhood (I believe). Working on that, but it takes a long time…


I have been to Egypt. I went on a Nile Cruise and visited the temples. It was something I felt I had to do and when I was there, i felt totallynat peace. There was a sense of calmness and belonging.

Aww thank you. I’m glad that you have foind my posts useful.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your kind words. It has been a terrible time but we can only use these challenges to make us stronger.


I’m glad you had such a lovely vitist, Alan! :heart: Hearing this makes me want to take the time to visit a holistic center too- I’ll have to do a search around and see where the closest one is!


Did she have any advice or tips for healing your chakras? If not and you feel called to do so, there is some guidance for opening and working with chakras in the Chakra Masterpost. Just leaving a link in case it might help you :handshake: :heart:

Much love and many blessings!


Oh wow, that sounds like a wonderful reading by a very skilled person! :clap: I’m sure having that confirmation is very validating for you - if you didn’t know you were on the right path before, now you know!


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