Consecrating spirit boards and pendulum boards?

Hi everyone, i had yet another question about concentrating, and was wondering do i have to smudge my new spirit board and pendulum board or is there another process?
Any ideas would be appreciated :blush:


It wouldn’t hurt. There were a lot of hands and ‘energy’ handling your spirit and pendulum boards before you got it. So smudging and cleansing them to remove any negativity that might be hanging on them would not hurt.


Congrats on your new spirit board and pendulum board, @TheMuslimWitch! :raised_hands:

I agree with @Flowing that cleansing is a good idea for any new tools- who knows what they have gone through on their way to you! That being said, smudging is just one of many ways to cleanse tools.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) smudge, you could also cleanse with:

  • salt
  • moon water
  • moon light
  • sun light
  • incense smoke
  • purifying music or instruments (such as bells)

Good luck with your cleansing and enjoy your new tools- may they serve you well! :sparkles:


I think there are a few ways you can cleanse and consecrate a board and pendulum. Hyssop or salt come to mind but also see below.

If you want to clear it of any residual energy, you could cleanse the pendulum and board by setting that purification intention and using a spray, salt, crystals (quartz, selenite, smoky quartz and/or black tourmaline), sunlight or moonlight, flowers or a ritual using a white candle.

You could use cleansing herbs or essential oils: hyssop, lemon peel, sage, palo santo, thyme, vervain, lavender, mugwort, garlic, cedar or clove.

You could spray your items with diluted Florida water…or water infused with hyssop, lemon peel or cedar oil.

You could bury or sprinkle the items with black salt (salt, pepper, eggshell, activated charcoal) to which you might add some drops of lavender oil (for divination).

You could also cleasne and consecrate the board and crystal by placing them beneath a layer of white rose petals – they’d smell good, too!

To then consecrate or charge your board, you would set the intention and you could use any variety of methods, including prayer, music, crystals, sunlight or moonlight, crystals (amethyst might be good here), meditation or visualization.

To charge or consecrate your items, you could use hyssop, lavender, mugwort…cinnamon might be good here for raising the energy of your board.

Mondays are good for purification and consecration rituals and Wednesdays are good for psychic work and divination but I suppose you could do them on any day.

When I wasn’t having good results with a new deck of Tarot cards, I was advised to keep the deck witih me as much as possible (e.g., in my purse or under my pillow) and to “introduce” myself to the deck and pose questions to it, so maybe that is also possible with a pendulum and board.

This is an interesting idea…I was just reading about potiions this weekend. To increase the power of your pendulum readings, you can make a divination potion and rub or spray it on your hands before divination. I imagine you could also use a lavender scented soap to wash your hands first - that would be easy! Also good to do before Tarot card readings, I’ve read.

I wonder about maybe using rose water for this. Or rose scented soap. Hmmm.

You could also brew a divination potion or tea and drink that before or during your reading to enhance the results. Some good ingredients for divination tea or potion might include pomegranate, orange peel, hibiscus, cherry, lemon balm, eyebright, rose, lavender or mugwort, etc. I saw a lot of divination tea blends on sale online but I think I might try making my own blend! I see that organic mugwort, lavender and hyssop teas are sold online. I didn’t have any luck finding those at the grocery store so I will probably order those for potion work.


Thanks that is what i thought originally :blush:


Thank you. I always love to experiment to see :blush:if they are the right tools for me. I still have to learn and use my astro dice unfortunately now studies are back its getting very busy


Thanks @mary25 i thin amethyst too would be a great crystal. I usually always meditate first as i am an individual who cannot concerntrate or sit still for a darn second so i clear my mind and then whil ei am concencrating my items i will strongly set my intention. I like the idea of rose soap and i know where there is some organic types. Just for the sake of saying it i am in love with the watermelon and strawberry goat soap at my local drug store it smells like heaven!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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