Consecration of herbs etc

Hello !
Please can you tell me if I need to consecrate all herbs crystals ingredients and jars many thanks , and I have a lot to do so the most effective but time saving lol would be fab ! I have the elemental consecration spell . Thank you mandy .


Consecration is different than cleansing and charging. You consecrate an item so it becomes a sacred tool. For example, you would consecrate your wand or a specific cup for you chalice. If you’re using different things as ingredients then they don’t need to be consecrated, just cleansed and/or charged depending on your beliefs.

I don’t charge my herbs or crystals, but I would charge sigils, petitions, candles, and poppets. I cleanse my candles and jars, but not my herbs.

I hope that makes sense!


Thank you for gutting me on the right track ! Greatly appreciate it xxx


You’re welcome! Happy to help :relaxed: and glad it made sense lol


Correct me if you believe differently, but I will sometimes place several items on my altar at once to cleanse (removing negative energy) or even consecrate them together (making them blessed or sacred to use as a specific tool in rituals), although for consecration I will take time to individually speak to the intent and purpose of each item.

I hope that makes sense. If I misspoke, please let me know.



I usually do the same before I began anything. I gather everything I need then I cleanse any negative energy that may be attached to any of my items before I begin, even if I did a cleanse when I brought the items home.
I just want to be sure I’m not putting anything bad in to what I’m doing. Maybe its over board but I’m still in my 1st year learning and want to be safe.
I’m interested in reading others rituals on this too. I mostly use a smoke cleanse of sage, palo santo, or incenses.


I wait until there’s a Full Moon and place them outside or by the window to absorb that mighty luminous lunar Magic. :full_moon: :sparkles:

With herbs, you can harvest or collect them on the night of the Full Moon, then you don’t need to consecrate them.