Looking for a crystal or oil that will help with consistency - specifically forming habits and staying on task. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


Ohh consistency can be a hard one :thinking: both to manage and deal with!

The first thing I would do, though, is figure out the why behind the inconsistency. Are you struggling to stay motivated? Are you struggling with your focus? Are there mundane or medical reasons to be aware of? Does your environment need to be adjusted? All of those can play a role in dealing with inconsistency, focus, and attention.

One thing I have found to help myself with consistency is creating a schedule and sticking with it when possible. (I say “when possible” because I’ve got a lot of things in my daily life that I can’t necessarily control.) Start by adding in one thing at a time. If you want to create a consistent meditation practice, for example, start by finding a time that works for you and add it to your schedule. Maybe that’s only five minutes in the morning while you drink your coffee. That’s okay! Stick with it for a week or two and then make it longer or add in something else.

Building consistency is about building routine. Once you can get that down then you should be good to go!

In the meantime, you might want to give these a try!


Carnelian and red tiger’s eye - motivation / Garnet - confidence and endurance to focus on long-term goals / Fluorite - focus and concentration / Hematite - stability / Malachite - transformation / pyrite - personal power and inner strength / bronzite - determination / red Jasper - energizing, action / citrine - optimism


Thank you, Megan. Great questions. I’ll spend some time looking through the references and recommendations. With Gratitude. - Melissa

On it! Mary, thank you for sharing your wisdom! - with Gratitude, Melissa


Greetings @ApisMellifera!

Megan shared some awesome advice about digging in to find the root of the issue- that’s a great place to begin treating the cause, rather than just the symptoms. And Mary has some wonderful crystals for you to consider- I’m seconding Carnelian, as that’s my favorite stone for boosting creativity and motivation! :orange_circle: :sparkles:

If I can add to their suggestions, I would recommend looking for crystals/oils/etc that correspond with Taurus :taurus:. The Bull of the Zodiac is sure and steady- able to trudge along through whatever comes its way and whose thick hide protects it from turmoil.

The moon is actually in the sign of Taurus right now (September 13, 14, and 15), so you might consider doing the Taurus Moon Meditation :full_moon_with_face:

I double-checked which crystals are associated with Taurus and…

There’s good old Carnelian once again! :laughing: :+1:

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you are able to work past your blockages to form good habits and keep on moving forward.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


You’re very welcome! I know it can be a struggle but I’m sure you can get it figured out :blush: :pray:


@ApisMellifera I really love what everyone suggested that aligns with this forum’s values and goals — one thing I would also suggest is a book called Atomic Habits. This book truly is a game changer for someone to create quality, focused habits a little at a time eventually making a huge life changing difference. If you are a reader at all, I highly recommend it!!



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