Contemporary Shamanism (Safe Practices)

When we feel out of sorts, it can often be due to either absorbing too much debris outside our energy field and not transmuting it or not being in connection with all that is, or both. Pull your centre of awareness back from other people’s stuff, cleanse yourself (eg recapitulate, sage, drum, whatever resonates) and give yourself an inner journey to your sanctuary to help you to re-connect to the quiet knowing, and your spirit kin within who are a constant source of support and love.

We need to top up regularly, especially during these polarizing times.

It’s understandable to feel disconnected in the current era, so it’s vitally important that we learn how to reconnect on a regular basis.

Begin to weave reconnecting into your routine of self-care and self-maintenance.

Blessings ✨🌿🐾

(c) O.Nightsky

(Art: Kseniia Boko)


Reconnection is so important :heart: it’s one thing I’m working on for myself, and have been for a while! It’s taking longer than I’d like, but it’s going. Thank you for sharing!