CoSM: Art Church of Sacred Mirrors

I been watching, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and I love watching it because I love art and the moon and the u tube channel and the podcast. Alex Grey is a artist who has inspired me in so many ways through his art. Him and his wife Allison Grey have a really have a epic story about how the church of sacred mirrors was inspired. Watch and find out it’s a cool story. The church of sacred mirrors resembles something like the Egyptians. They believe art is more than just a pen :pen: it’s the window to our soul.
Church of sacred mirrorsChurch of sacred mirrors


The mission statement on their website is “to build a Sanctuary of Visionary Art to uplift the global community”. What a lovely goal to have! :art::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for sharing, @Jeannie1! I didn’t know much about the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, but they sound like a very interesting group. Definitely something Art Witches may be interested in learning more about :+1:


Alex and Allison Grey’s work is so inspiring. I had a friend who painted psychedelic art and we would always trip (travel!) together.

All of their paintings are so lifting and pure:


I and my husband always watch his videos him and his wife are very inspiring and I love how they bring every walk of life together! They love art and I think they are witchy they just don’t say it!
I tried,


Francisco, there are studies which helps with PTSD and it helped me. I tried it last week with my husband. We needed something to bring us back together. It made me open my eyes up to everything and gave me a better outlook! My whole life I struggled with depressions and know the memes showed me that I was in a dark place and told me it was a decision to make to get out of it! They said be negative or pull out! I chose to be positive! I want to surround myself with positive vibes! Anyway I am an advocate for psychedelics! I would love to do some art and do some psychdelics! And I all means it’s an experience not a lifestyle. I am not saying be a drug addict and do them all the time! But yeah, I would love to see his art, I bet your friend had awesome art!


Awesome ill have a look :slight_smile: They must be passionate about art if they inspired your paintings, it’s not just a small spark that leads to such talent :heartpulse:


Thanks, Travel Witch,
I live their mission statement Too!
Blessed be!

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