Coven near me

Is there a directory for covens or how do I find one in my area?


Search On google to see if there’s a community in your area. Always be careful of your surroundings. They always have festivals or lessons on the web. Which means you’re in a public space with like minded ppl. Or get settled nd start your own’ be surprised how the universe works!
I wish you success on your path


I looked all over for my area. I found nothing and no one.


I have done all kinds of searches and found nothing. I did run into a fellow witch by accident when buying a new couch. Her and I chatted a bit, but she also said that her family have been practicing for generations and have always been solitary practitioners other than with other families members. They have not let anyone who is not family join in. But it was fun chatting with her at least


Nothing has ever been the same since the disappearance of WitchVox (The Witch’s Voice) – there used to be an amazing directory of covens and groups there. However, several years ago they made the decision to leave the internet due to costs, I think. There have been a few places where you can find local groups but nothing as centralized as a directory.

Here on the forum, we have a list of members in different areas.
Where in the World Are Witches? :world_map:

You might also have luck searching on social media for groups local to your area. Don’t just use your city or town name, either. Some groups use the greater area rather than a super local description. For example, there aren’t any groups that are specific to where I am in Maine. However, there are groups for the wider area such as Central Maine.

If you have a metaphysical store close to you, check with them. They will often know more about groups in the area because of them being a store. They may even have a social media page with events that you can go to.

There’s also a website called Meetup where people post events that they’re hosting. That might be a good place to try, too.

Oh! I almost forgot about Mandragora Magika – they’re trying to take the place of WitchVox and may have information for you, too.


Thank you so much for this! I had no idea we had a space on here! I’ll have to add my info later today!


As Megan said, is probably your best bet. I would also suggest looking into Facebook Groups and Reddit.

There’s also this website: CovenConnect, however I’m not sure how up-to-date their database might be.


The mandragora magika has up-to-date listings.
I also found a Wiccan book club on meetup in my area. Thank you so much, great resources!!


Thanks for posting the Reddit link!


Woohoo! :clap: I’m happy you were able to find something for you in your area!