Crafty Magick Potion

Hi everyone, so I have been keeping busy with the kids and decided to make a crafty Magickal potion I keep seeing on my fyp everywhere so here it is:

I wish I could send a video as when you swirl it it looks like a magickal storm. Note this is for crafty and satisfying use only and it is not for use both externally or internally. Check it out on the web there are many ways to make it and is very soothing. It’s call diy magic potion :blush:


Ohhhhh it sounds enchanting- I bet your kids had a blast making something so fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This looks like it is both a great craft to make together and a long-lasting decoration to keep around the house. I like how you decorated with the stickers too! :sparkles:


I love these! My daughter has something like this that she made in therapy that helps calm her down :blush: I’ve thought about making one for myself, too!


It really is soothing however i should have chosen a smaller jar as this is quite heavy especially when swirling around and i am so scare i will drop it. It would be quite a clean u as is also slimy :blush: