Creating astral bridge to cloaked offspring

I’m just looking for ideas, my son’s mother and I haven’t spoken in over a year now. I’d just like to hear his voice one time, clearly. Only problem is I taught her well, then she learned on her own. So now, I can’t seem to even glimpse passed her wardings. I mean absolutely no harm, I don’t wish to invade. I’d just like to see how he’s doing? So does anyone have any ideas???


Merry meet @sollex!

It sounds like you just want to reconnect with your son- while I don’t know the details of the situation, I don’t think anyone could blame you for wanting to check in and make sure he’s doing okay!

While I would be hesitant about trying to get around walls that someone put up to protect themselves, it sounds like the walls weren’t put up by your son by rather by a third party. In this case, I think you may still be able to connect with your son if he is open to receiving contact from you. Assuming any wards in place are geared towards the physical world, you could certainly try astral travel to connect.

Astral Travel is a very advanced form of magickal communication and I’m not an expert in it myself, but I’d recommend taking a look at the many Astral Travel Discussions here in the forum where others have shared their tips and experiences- you may find some guidance and inspiration there!

Wishing you all the best- blessed be! :sparkles:

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I agree with everything @TheTravelWitch_Bry has said regarding magickally connecting with your son. It may be possible to check in with him through astral projection and trancework, though those are not something I’m well-versed in so I unfortunately can’t give too much advice.

Outside of the magickal route, is there a way for you to call and speak with your son? Maybe connect with him in the mundane way via phone call, visits, emails, etc? Without knowing your full situation, those are the best tips I can give you :heart:

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