Creating boundaries to protect your energy

Hello, it’s me with another tarot question/discussion. I performed a “protecting your energy” spread today and pulled these three cards for the question “What boundaries can I put in place to protect my energy?”

I’m completely confused on what my spirit guides are trying to tell me here. To me these three cards are the opposite of boundaries? They represent new beginnings and freedom to me. Are they trying to tell me that I shouldn’t set up boundaries to protect my energy?

What is y’all’s opinion?

Note: I’m not including the full reading here, just this set of cards that are 1-3. You can find the full spread on Instagram handle rosebmystics


First of all: gorgeous cards :wink: That black with gold leaf combo is * chef’s kiss * :pinched_fingers: :two_hearts:

They are interesting cards to appear for advice about placing protective boundaries. Here is how I would interpret them:

  • Eight of Swords (Reversed) - The Oppositions Tarot guidebook for this card asks: Are you a prisoner in your own mind? It suggests that the causes of pain and fear are actually inside you and you will need to find ways out of or to overcome the internal darkness.

  • The Fool - One of my favorite cards of the deck- it is a card of a fresh outlook, a new journey (or a new phase of a journey) and exciting new possibilities. But it is also a card of naivity and innocence- like the Fool in the RW deck about to step over the cliff, in your current state, you’re not seeing some of the dangers.

  • Ace of Wands - The first card in the suit of fire- I feel like this card assures you that, with your bright life energy, creativity, and passion, you have all the tools you need to protect your energy. It’s just a matter of using them in the right way- the possibility is there, but you need to carry through with it or it will go up in smoke.

In review: I think the cards are saying that any protective barriers and work you need to do is actually protecting you from yourself- from your inner darkness, thoughts, fear, worries, etc. The real problem is within- things you may not have been aware of before. However, the Ace of Wands says you have the ability to tackle the challenge.

Just my two cents here! As always, I feel that the one who drew the cards and is closest to the situation will always have the best interpretation. I just offer my thoughts in the hope that they can help you out!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


From this reading as you feel and I concur, in my opinion, from the cards, doesn’t read “protection” is being prescribed, especially with the The Fool upright, but to open yourself, explore, another “practice” “way” that you have put your mental blinders down on hence the 8 of Swords, free yourself from it, take/try on a new way/path that you have denied yourself, The Fool, and you will have (The Ace of Wands) that spark, the fire, the beginning to move you to your optimal higher ground. The higher ground is a place where one doesn’t need protection because no one or thing can get to you, it’s your optimal vantage point. The Fool also means from what I read “free from harm”.

Try following up with the tarot and/or another guide on what way of the Fool is required to pursue along with contemplating/meditating on it.

There is a nice spell here on Spells8, a door opener spell, new beginnings, calling upon Janus:

Overall, this is just my opinion, it’s not a protection spell that is required but sort of a new beginning, a way that will get you to a point free from harm.


Love you’re deck, black with gold, such a beautiful combination of colors. Very nice deck, can’t stop staring at these cards.


To add, not leave what your doing, but try something new, different.


@Eliza_01 and @BryWisteria thank you! It is the Golden Thread deck by Labyrinthos. It is one of my favorite and my patron Selene’s deck.

And I think both of you are right! Hades has been telling me I need to get back to my shadow work so this may be Selene telling me the same, just more subtle than he is about it, lol. I think that I will take some time to meditate with my guides and see what exactly it is they want me to work on at the moment. Again, thank you both for your input! I greatly appreciate it.

Edited to add: I only picked @BryWisteria answer as the “solution” as it was the first one.


Very welcome!


It’s my pleasure! I’m happy if I could help a bit :blush:

Enjoy your meditations with your guides- may they help lead you to what you should work out and help get you to where you need to be. Many blessings! :sparkles:


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