Creating inner temples or spaces

I’m just wondering do spells done or offerings given in an inner temple work the same as in physical plane. Say if created inner temple n sacred space in the inner world and did a spell in there would it be the same as doing it physically. Or if in the inner temple I wanted to give a deity an offering but didn’t have access to it in physical plane or couldn’t perform a physical offering in physical plane would it still work the same in the inner plane if gave an offering there. Can I still draw on items even if I don’t have them physically with me in physical plane when inside or if I want to draw energy from a crystal inside do I have to have it physically with me befo re I go into the inner temple. Or is visualising it being there enough to draw on it’s energy. I’m not sure if I explained that very well. But I feel that I may need to take my magical practice into a sacred space inside at times and want to set up a space can do spells or connect with deities n spirit guides etc but i just wanted to ask how it works and if it works similar to physical plane just obviously can maybe be more creative with the inner space that in physical plane if don’t have materials or space to set up a way you would like to. I just wondered if it worked the same inside the inner world as if did something in physical place ie like a spell or offering etc. I’d appreciate advice or feedback. Can the inner temple change as you learn more about correspondences and things a deity like a or is it once you set it up they’d be offended if you make changes.? I’m not sure if these or this is a stupid question/s. I’m just not sure how that works and obviously don’t want to offend any of my deities or spirits. Also are there any advice about going in, do I need protections or is it protected in creating it. Obviously physical ppl couldn’t enter inner temple except me but could negative spirits? Do I need to put protection up or would the deities presence do that? Sorry if these are silly questions I feel silly for asking but I thought maybe I should ask just incase someone might have advice. N incase maybe by chance they aren’t silly questions I don’t know but I apologise if they are


:hindu_temple: The Inner Temple for Casting Spells without Tools was done by @Francisco. I would suggest before doing this cleansing yourself, space, & casting a circle if you feel you need protection while doing this, then do the inner temple, come back, have a drink, close the circle & when you feel oriented go about your day or night. :infinite_roots:


Thanks i appreciate the help with this. Can I ask about the have a drink part? Was that important? Like would that actually help after. Do you mean just water or is it something specific ? Like is it to rehydrate or would it be needed to to ground self so something with tastelike tea or replenish energy so something to boost blood sugar if doing the inner temple uses alot if energy.? Id assume having the drink befote closing circle would mean need to have it on hand going in? I’m sorry if this is all silly questions. How long do ppl stay in those places, how often can you go in?. If you go in and get interrupted can you come out easy and maintain the circle then go back in. What happens if you get interrupted while in there and get pulled out n can’t close the circle or forget to because something happens around you that inteupts your time in there. ? Is it safe to go in when not at home or should you only go in if your alone at home. Life may be getting busy again and I worry bout loosing my practices and want a safe place I can practice n connect to deities n animal spirits but I wonder if it will still work the same as working in physical plane. N how easy it is to go in and out of that space. Of is it just a matter of practice that the more you go in n out the easier it will be to do as needed. I’m not sure if that made sense…Sorry for asking so many questions about one thing.


Is it normal to feel energy build up in your hand as you do this meditation. I did the one with the link and my hands felt energy building up even though I was trying to build energy in my hands. I wasn’t sure if that was normal


Different practitioners will take different stances on this one. I’ve heard some witches say that you must have the physical herb or item in front of you, and I respect that that is what works for them in their practice.

Here in the physical world, there are indeed many benefits to using the things around us. However, there is no escaping that we are bound to the Laws of Physics in the physical world. If you want to cast magick that breaks or goes beyonds the limits of the physical world, it can be done- by entering other worlds, realms, and planes of existance.

I can go on and on about astral travel, lucid dreaming, the powers of meditation and visualization- but for the sake of answering this question, I’ll say TLDR: there are magickal possibilities and benefits both in the physical world and also in “inner” or other worlds that are non-physical.

So to answer the question, yes - I personally think it is absolutely possible to visit your inner temple and do very meaningful and powerful spellwork within that space :+1:

Absolutely the space can change! Your inner mind is limited only by your own mind- anything you can think of you can conjure within that space. The possibilities of mental work are truly astounding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As you go through life, it is only natural (and healthy!) to change and grow. As you develop, it makes sense that your inner sacred space will change and grow with you :seedling:

That’s another really great question, Danni! I actually wrote a lot about this (leaving the circle, forgetting to close it, etc) in this Guide on Closing Circles :o:

Another resource you might find helpful is the Circle Casting FAQ on Spells8.

Yes, energy buildup is normal in certain types of meditation! I personally see it as being a similar process to Reiki- a type of energy healing process.


It most certainly is possible, and it isn’t a stupid or silly question! In fact, Kelly-Ann Maddox writes about the process in her book Rebel Witch.

I have a permanent altar that lives in my imagination. I call it my ‘mind altar’ and it contains everything I need to perform magick and ritual, but its existence is non-physical…

So, how do you make an altar in the realm of your imagination? Well, as with a physical altar, you can choose to erect something temporary or permanent depending on your needs…My permanent imaginary altar is mounted on a red platform in the middle of a reservoir and can only be reached by boat. Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox, pages 140-141

I’ve actually been brainstorming how to do this myself, too. The spaces I have in my home aren’t necessarily what I would like them to be, especially because I don’t live alone and I share every space in the home with someone else. Having an inner temple to visit in the astral or Otherworld would be very helpful. You can do spells and rituals there, but it’s also a good place to invite spirits to meet with you after you’ve done your introductions. This is a place that is protected by you and you alone. Your boundaries are law there.

If I understand what Siofra meant, it’s part of grounding ourselves back into our reality. Even if we’re working in an inner temple, it still takes a lot of energy to maintain. Having something to drink like water, juice, or otherwise would be a good way to ground yourself in reality and give you a bit of energy back.


Made progress on the inner temple or space. I was working on being there n trying to see what i could see n i had actual imafes come to mind but everything kept moving n images moved from one to another. Im usually good at visualisng stuff but to a story line or based on known things but creating the inner temple was proving difficult cause my mind couldnt create a solid n functional space but after a bit i had my crystal grids come to mind and suddenly a layout to the space was started based on that crystal grid being created on the ground. I found the one for my holistiv wellbeing wasnt the one that came to mind but another of the frids and suddenly my first room had the begginings of a layout based on that crystal grid. If i try focus more wgen not now actually needing to sleep cause im up in 5hrs i can maybe draw or create the grid in that first room on the floor n start placing items or furniture ect in places relevant to the layout. I have anothrr grid for elemental focus as it has the 4 points n centre could be for spirit. So theres two rooms so far n then outside spaces in the forest surrounding, a campfire, ocean and waterfall, forests and caves a river and the cliffs the overlook the waterfall or ocean. There are animals n other spirit guides. I saw them when the images kept moving. Some of them. But i think once i can structure the inner space or forests etc n temple it might be easier to focus on seeing it clearer n then be able to do work n explorations easier in there. Its a start n asa much as i wisg i ckulf work on it more now seeing as during day too busy all day till bed. Just bjts n pieces of breaks here n there but this would need more time than have in one go to create or alot alot alot of lil times or moments to try work on spaces inside the temple n forests ect n that take a long time that way just to create it. I thoight maybe creating artwork to help visualise based on ideas i have for layout might help. But again its finding the time. But focus on positive the crystal grids layed out to format the rooms into sacred geometric shapes n organising rooms in inner temple based on the grids is a start. Its a start.


Thanks for the update, Danni! It sounds like you’re making good progress. :pray: I love that you found a way to ground your inner temple with something you’ve physically seen and that is important to you. I think the crystal grid layout is a great way to build a foundation of a mental space, your inner temple. Congratulations! :tada: I can’t wait to see your next update!


That’s amazing, Danni- you are building your very own inner sacred space, and it sounds like it is a very beautiful one! :sparkles: I think using your crystal grid to help define and organize the space is a very creative and clever idea :gem:

Inner Temples are representations of us- the deeper we dive within ourselves, the more elaborate and expressive our inner spaces become. Some parts may appear right away, while others take time to develop. And it’s okay if things change over time! As we learn and grow, these positive changes are reflected within our Inner Temples too :blush:

Great work, @Phoenix_Fire- congrats to you!


Today is a recovery day n tonight as i am still struggling a bit ( its been an insane week, literally in survival mode past few days) but today recovery. So since i didnt think i could handle working n Friday is for Freya n in light of recent challenge for self care i decided to take the night off from working ( seeing as its my day off but i would of been working from home). I decided to work on planning out n creating art based on my inner temple. I found a A3 sketch/art book that i could dedicate to the planning side n draft drawings n paintings etc. N even working on practice texture ie for trees or stones to create the look i needed. Im going to print out the crysyal grids want to use in the temple and make a map of the inner world as the 'temple ’ will habe insidw n outside areas. As i sat down to start i noticed a beautifil orange and blue sunset. I think it be a nice way to end the day n week. And that sunset is gorgeous :grin:

My art book going to use, pages be big enough for picture and notes or can seperate a page into sections for planning tgats why i chose the bigger art book. I prob have a few smaller ones could use but i wouldnt be able to put lots of detail into one page if need.

Im excited and also in light of this weeks challenge ( though i have made an entry already so this is just referring to something mentioned in it, i want to think about spaces that can invite animal spirits or magical creatures to to interact with in the inner temple/world like the forest surrounding the temple could have spaces for water creatures or spirits, tree sprits or animals that live amongst or in trees. And so on, and make a space that theyd feel welcone and comfortable if they did choose to visit to interact. That way if out n about n doing a interaction or ritual physixally isnt possible i can go to the inner temple /world to do that n no ine outside would know unless they just thought i was thinking or daydreaming lol or asleep on train or something. If asked could just say im trying meditation which guided visual meditations can include journey to interact with animal guides n stuff i just dont need to say its a witchy or pagan thing. Most ppl get meditation so it might be a safe way to do that if out n about n also this all helps me have one big internal world/space temple that since i created n worked on visualising it i can use for those jourbeys to talk to spirit guides ect or deities or my own safe space n even if where i am isn’t great or surrounded by negativity n i cant physically cleanse a space or myself or do a working the more i work on creating one big area i always go ti the easier over time it should be to go there n interact n move around that space n tools/items etc n do workings or even if i just feel i need a place to go that is safe n uniquw to me n i can ve myself even if cant show some aspects of self around those that are atound me, i think this will be good. Sorry not sure how much sense making. Think i need some coffee lol. But also in creating the art it not only helps with visualisation n knowing wherr tjing are and how set up but at gives me a chance to engage in some creative expression n art by drawing, mappung out n painting images of what my inner world/temple/ space will look like. Im excited to start to ve honest. Maybe if i decide to work with dragons i could even add a cave or fire pit or ocean or lake or cliff space ( if work with elemental dragon like in my druid animal Oracle cards. I want to look at photos of real places to get inspiration ( placrs ive been and places not) but it will be unique to me. I just had a thought of a world buikding thing id done for a book was writing but have long been put on back burner… but id once created a map of an island based on symbols i think it had been a celtic cross in that case. This exploration n interest of ancient symbols xolour representations etc n elements has long been there but in the world of fiction only, id never thought till now that it could be in some aspects in many aspecrs a part of real life or that could include in my magical or spiritual practice but now i tgink about it creating an island shaped like a significant symbol n having elemental spaces n the temple having layouts design n even maybe artwirk in the temple or pieces that are related to crystal grids n symbols n colours, that would makr that inner space even more powerful like building the correspondences up in a spell but on a bigger scale to create an inner space for workings etc with those correspondances build into the space, something i coyldnt do out in outta world cause i dont have the space or rwsources to creaye something like that or time to travel to spaces like sacred places or forests or oceans etc to do those workings but i could figure out all i need and put into one space n id always have access to it without risk of outwardly showing or outing myself to ppl not safe they knew bout my personal, magical or spiritual practice or beliefs. Lol i hope tgat made sense. In a way i knkw what im trying to say but my heads so foggy im not sure im explaining it right n my mind is hoing faster than my fingers can go n im trying fix mistakes as i go. But judt thought id share my plan to create maps n plans n art of my inner world which assists me visualising the inner world n i can even look at creating art or items to put into the inner world ie if i did a painting or create a clay goblet with crystals on it for ritual or representation etc i can then visualise that art into the space or item into the space so even if i dont have it on hand i can place it into the inner space so i can have access whenever i need it.


Ok so i made good progress in planning out the layout of my inner temple using a pentagram grid as a basis for the different rooms.

I planned out what would go in each using the layout of pentagram with 5 normal elements ( in circle spots on grid but expanding the elements using or working with to include others such as metal and ice, light and dark, balance and chaos, etc i have spaces in this grid ( temple) layout that will be for healing or if i wish to rest or sleep n need a safe place to do that, a space for crystals and i think time will be divination. I looked into other elements inckuding that related to Japanese mythology and the kitsune ( i also discovered through relooking at kitsune the goddess Inari from japanese pantheon. A lil out of the area of celtic and norse deities id been working with but id researched kitsune for a book id been writing n Inari is the goddess associated to them ( sometime Inari is male or adrogenous but i felt connected to the goddess in this case) i welcomed her to my clan n made a deity card for her. I discovered that she is goddess of abundance and something else i cant remember but specifically mentioned rice and tea ( aspects particularly important japanese culture) n i just jumped cause i live off rice, like literally im not joking i eat more rice than anything ( except mayvr coffee lol but thats a drink) and ive gotten into tea alot lately. So many things jist clicked n that id discovered Inari through research on kitsune ( obviously at the time it was for fictional writing and now the reality of existence of other God n Goddesses has made the fact that id been drawn to kitsune n other mythical creatures vack in 2013 or earlier but tgat was when i think i started woeking on that book n research gor it. N tgats when discovered Inari or read about her. N now without realising id actually had a bunch of stuff in my life that just fit n the strong sense it was meant to be eben if sge wasnt from celtic or norse patheons. I studied japanese in school n fascinated by different cultures including japan. The japanese gardens too kimonos n sushi, love me some good sushi n yes again rice. Lol yep just delt it was meant to be. There was even mention of similarities to different deities i knew including Freya who i axtually already followed n it veing friday had been her day. Lots of signs i just accepted it excitedly. Its nice to hace signs that somethung was right. But yeah as i explored the kitsune discovered other elements so i went back to my reseach fpr my book, had files of research n it actually was helpful and i incorporated the other elements only changing one element from the 13. It had rivers and oceans and seas as seperate bit didnt include water in that set of elements where as it had earth, mountains and forest which mountain and forest were i thought still earth based. . But i found another list of elements included ice and i thought that was good to include. I combined ‘rivers’ and ‘ocean and seas’ to maje the water element and added ice element ( which i know is water but i feel it has a slightly different energy and while rivers and ocean differ they still move and flow bit i, in my head know that technicalky they are 2 seperate elements in the 13 elements list, i will place them in the same area of the temple with the river running into the ocean so that i can also include an ice cave to work with the ice element n energy.
Ive mapped out the temple and as can tell already got ideas of what might put in each room which is all so exciting. Ive glued it n drawn it all on my first page of a3 art book. The map of which room will go where using little symbles n a key down the botyom to show what room goes where. Ive propped it up so i cam see it, im hoping the more i see it tge more ill memorize the basic layout which will make it easier to move aroynd the temple when i create the actual rooms. Obviously its not just one room with all the stuff or just a simple altar. Lol its complicated or complex but its exciting n omg im excited. Im glad i took the night off working from home to do this. I had alot of fun with the research n craft art project to create the basic map, ive done more on the map that the grid but id need to take another photo when got a bit more done but its looking great so far n i layed it out so it makes sense like putting the metal room near the fire room which now i think of it also is on the side of temple of the water which when forging meyal objects you use both. Wow just thought of that. Lol cool. I rhought it made sense near fire i just hadnt thought of conbection to water. Lol maybe intuition play a part n didnt realise it. Anyways i better try get some sleep now. But just wanted to share lil update on that. Maybe im jyst a lil over excited about this inner temple thing lol. Maybe its silly to be so excited about it. But i am which lol will be interesting as its bow nearly 3am n im still excited thinking bout the inner temple :joy::joy:oh well at least its good feelings that are keeping up this time not stress n overwhelming anxiety. Oh im going to have a crystal cave in the temple lol thats one thing that is exciting. Omg im so excited ok breathe breathe calm yourself. Lol i havnt even planned the outdoor spaces around the temple yet n im like all excited
:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::joy::joy::joy:lol yes i did do that in 3s lol ok im shutying up now. Hope everyone is doing well.:cherry_blossom::rose::bouquet::hibiscus:


Congrats on your art book, Danni! :art::sparkles:

That is such a lovely idea- you have a very kind heart for wanting to make a safe space for the creatures and spirits to be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love the design you shared- using a pentagram for the base is a great way to involve the elements (and a balance between them) within the sacred space :pentagram: :sparkles:

I am so glad you are having so much fun building and designing your lovely inner temple, Danni- I know times have been tough for you lately and it makes me happy to see you happy, and also that you are thriving in your Craft! :blush: That being said, get your rest, my friend- your body and mind need the sleep to recover, and there is always time tomorrow to build your inner temple :heart:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles: