Crown Chakra Hair Oil

In :clock4: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!, I submitted two “potions” for one of my entries. I thought I’d come back to this hair oil to talk about it a bit more in depth.


Part of why it’s such an easy to vouch for success is because the results are tangible. My hair today is nothing like my hair was at the end of 2022. It has so much volume/density that I’ve had to throw out my old brushes, which were good for handling my thin, weak hair but simply cannot penetrate through to my scalp anymore.

How Is It “Psychic”?

But what does this have to do with the crown chakra and “psychic” abilities?

How to Use It

If you use this, you can massage it into your hair roots, at most, weekly, focusing on the scalp, to stimulate the crown chakra and enhance hair health.

You can either wash your hair after you’re done meditating with it, or leave it in for up to around 24 hours first. Most of the time, I rinse my hair with water after meditating and then use shampoo and condition 12-24 hours later.

While it’s in your hair, you will most likely want to relax and meditate. If you would like some ideas for what to focus on, here’s what I do.

A Meditation Idea

Envision a radiant beam of light gently descending upon the crown of your head, where the crown chakra resides, a subtle yet powerful energy centre in the spiritual anatomy. This light, soft yet brilliant, begins to cascade down your form, bathing you in its ethereal glow. As it travels, it brings with it a profound sensation of tranquillity, a sense of rebirth, and a deepening connection to the infinite web of existence. It’s as if each cell in your body is being kissed by this celestial illumination, awakening a serene harmony within.

As this divine light completes its journey to the tips of your toes, a transformation begins. You find yourself effortlessly lifting off the ground, transcending the physical plane. Imagine yourself ascending, lighter than air, passing through the ceiling as if it were an illusion, a mere veil between worlds. You emerge into the vastness of space, a realm where the rules of earthly existence no longer apply.


In this cosmic expanse, you are greeted by an awe-inspiring spectacle. The darkness of space, a velvety backdrop, is punctuated by countless stars, each a distant sun, illuminating the void with their ancient light. Clusters of celestial bodies form intricate patterns in the distance, their dense gatherings appearing as mesmerising, coloured abstract paintings against the night. These cosmic formations undulate and weave through the darkness, creating ribbons of luminosity, a celestial ballet of light and shadow.

Amidst this cosmic dance, you float, enveloped by the stars and shifting hues. They form a resplendent spherical cocoon around you, with you, the glowing essence, at its heart. This moment is an embrace by the universe, an acknowledgement of your place within the infinite. It’s a welcome into the “everything of all things,” an affirmation of your interconnectedness with the cosmos.

Connectedness of All

The idea is that the uplifting of each individual contributes to the collective upliftment of us all. It’s a cycle of growth where the betterment of one becomes the betterment of the whole. Likewise, when we elevate as a collective, that rising tide of progress, joy, and enlightenment lifts you as well. This interconnectedness speaks to the fundamental unity of our existence, where each action, each gesture of growth or kindness, reverberates through the collective consciousness, creating ripples that extend far beyond our immediate perception.

In this sacred space, you experience peace – a serene acceptance of your light existing harmoniously within the cosmic darkness. Here, in this boundless expanse, you are both a singular entity and an integral part of the all-encompassing whole. You are the individual and the universe, separate yet inseparable, a microcosm of the macrocosm. This celestial journey is a reminder of your eternal bond with the universe, a bond that transcends time and space, connecting you to the endless dance of existence.


In this interconnected existence, the act of being kind to oneself takes on a deeper significance. It’s not just an act of personal self-care; it’s a contribution to the collective well-being. You are a vital part of the cosmic universe, and every ounce of love and kindness you bestow upon yourself is, in essence, a gift to the universe. You deserve all the love and kindness that the universe can offer, for you are an integral part of it.

When you are kind to yourself, this act of self-love echoes outwards, inspiring and uplifting others, and returns to you magnified. In this beautiful cycle, love and kindness become the currency of universal harmony, circulating endlessly, enriching every life it touches.

Therefore, cherish and honour yourself, for in doing so, you are participating in the sacred dance of existence, where every act of love, every moment of kindness, is a step towards a more enlightened and uplifted world. Remember, in uplifting yourself, you are uplifting the universe, and in uplifting the universe, you uplift your own soul.


Absolutely fabulous. There’s magic in everything. I love this :sparkling_heart:


Your entire post is amazing but I wanted to point this oit specifically. Doing this (for me) is so hard :sweat_smile: but it’s something I’m working very hard on. I often push myself to burnout or sickness because I’m so out of tune with my own body that I don’t recognize the symptoms ahead of time. Anyway - it’s just the reminder I needed this morning :heart:


Maybe we share an ADHD-inspired burnout thing. :people_hugging: :black_heart: The hyperfocus seems to put blinders on me, like those on horses when they used to race them. When I’m in the zone, I’m in the zone. :nerd_face:

I personally still need to become much better at voicing how I’m feeling when stresses start to creep in. My partner and I were recently watching a show, and it depicted acts of racism that upset me. But I didn’t realise how much it got to me until something else happened, and I vented my feelings through that. (I’m not saying this is happening to you – it’s just an example of how I still have a lot of growth to do.)

But, in this forum, at least, @Devenne gives me a good little butt kick when the self-doubt and worry start creeping in. :laughing: She basically tells me to just stop, and I really appreciate that. Snaps me back to reality. She’s like a little guardian mermaid on my shoulder. :mermaid: :black_heart:


Your my buddy and I’ll always have your back :heart:
I like the guardian mermaid thing :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Awww your just the sweetest

I love you :kissing_cat:


I love you, too~ :black_heart:

Thanks for having my back. I got yours, too. :dancer:


This mermaid needs a bigger pool. :laughing: :sweat_smile:


:infinity: and always :rose: lol love it


That’s very possible :laughing: I’ve always attributed it to trauma and never being taught to be physically in my body, if that makes sense. In hindsight, though, it could most definitely be the ADHD :thinking:

I need to get the ingredients to make this hair oil. I’ve always had very fine hair and it’s never been very full or voluminous. It always falls kinda flat :joy: even when I do the curly hair stuff I should (my hair is more wavy than curly, though if done right I do have some ringlets on the underside of my hair…) it is just kinda… there… :laughing:


Oh. Wow. I never considered that. :thinking: But I can definitely imagine what you’re saying.

Now I have a chicken and egg problem. Did my ASD & ADHD come first, or are they a result of trauma? Deep questions for 08:00! :laughing: I’ll have to journal on that later, when I’m actually somewhat rested. I’ve got a lot to think about. I know it doesn’t matter, but I’m a curious little chicken, so… Rabbit hole, here we go! :sweat_smile:

You can be pretty loose with it, but I do recommend making sure you have the rosemary oil most of all. Second, maybe the coconut oil. It’s hard to narrow down which are the most essential, but I have a feeling it’s those. :black_heart:

I know that feeling. :sweat_smile: My family would always give me crap for it, saying I look dull/tired/dreary/whatever, because of my hair. Like I had any control over that! Geez. Give me better genes next time, right? :laughing:

I hope it works for you. I feel we have very similar hair, so I am hopeful that it will be. But be prepared for a whole new host of things to deal with if it does work. :laughing: I can’t express how surreal it is to no longer be able to brush my hair with any old thing and needing stronger brushes with good bristles. It’s so strange. :exploding_head:


It sounds wonderful! Your hair id gorgeous! :heart_eyes: I just cut my hair shorter so it’s easier to take care of. My arms get tired washing my short hair! :weary: I can’t imagine if my hair was longer and thicker!


haha you and me both, so at least you’re not alone! :laughing: you’ll have to let me know where your rabbit hole leads.

That’s good to know, at least. I’m sure I can get the coconut oil and rosemary oil…olive oil and castor oil are easy, too. I’m not sure about finding the henna and amla powder here. I’d probably have to order those… :thinking: too bad shipping is nuts or I’d just have you make some for me :rofl:

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll have to let you know if I end up making it! I just have to gather the ingredients first.