Crystal ball interpretation?

Hi everyone, I wanted to try my crystal ball again today as I have tried a few times without luck. My direct question I asked was am I doing the right thing by staying in my marriage. Of course I didn’t expect a direct answer and in fact I thought I wouldn’t see anything, however I saw this Image And I quickly sketched it… I went to see if I could see the image again but sure enough it was gone…. Any suggestion what it may mean? To me it looked like a bigger person holding their left hand up like to say stop and the other hand of the bigger person was going through the smaller persons mouth…. The background looked like a forest and the whole scene looked sketched and was in black with a orange sunset background……


Wow you have a crystal ball I would love to have one of them and be able to use it​:crystal_ball::crystal_ball::crystal_ball:


Greetings @TheMuslimWitch!

As with any divination interpretation, I personally believe that whatever the reader experiences for themselves is the “right message”- that is, the answer that was manifesting itself for you.

However, I’d be happy to share my outsider interpretation- aka how I would interpret this vision if I saw it in one of my readings. Maybe it can help you to decode the messages you saw! :+1:

  • :family_man_boy: Sizes can often be representations of power imbalances- the bigger person is in a higher position than the smaller.

  • :stop_sign: The hand held up in “stop” is pretty self-explanatory- the bigger person is directing the actions of the other. They are trying to stop the smaller person- it may be from doing one action, or simply restraining them in general by limiting their movements.

  • :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: The other hand covering the mouth is a sign of silencing. This may be literal (keeping them quiet) or metaphorical- repressing and subduing the other person.

  • :evergreen_tree: A forest can carry a lot of different symbolism- the fact that it appeared in dark colors makes me think it represents more of the negative traits: such as being lost, wandering without purpose, or being a small part in something out of your control. Dream Lookup says the following about forests:

Dreaming of a forest or images of woodland portends significant changes in your lifestyle. Your day-to-day life, both career-wise and personal, may soon undergo a transformation. This transformation may be associated with the results of re-evaluating your priorities after a string of circumstances you may have brought to yourself or as a consequence of some external factors.

From Dream Lookup

  • :sunrise_over_mountains: Sunsets are commonly a symbol of closure, the end of a period of time, and finality.

This is just how I would interpret this vision if it appeared in a reading of my own- so please take all of the above with a grain of salt!

I’m no relationship counselor and I can’t tell anyone what to do in their own personal relationships, but considering your question and the vision you saw- it seems to me like you received a pretty clear answer from your crystal ball :crystal_ball:

Sending love and light to you, Khadija! Be well and stay safe :heart::pray:


Thank you Bryanna, your interpretation is almost what i thought i saw as well… The fact that i asked such a question and my mentality was showing me this most likely how i perceive the situation… Thanks for taking the time in gicing your opinion appreciate it :blush:


I think the taller, more wiser person is showing or teaching something important to the shorter person. Maybe there’s a lesson somewhere and you’ve got to start looking for clues to a bigger picture. I don’t know, just my opinion.


Hey there! I love crystal ball scrying and it is my favorite divination tool to use. When scrying, it is important to remember that the images you see are symbolic and correlate to the personal symbol system of the querent. At least this is how I perform my readings, and there is room for debate about whether the images correlate to the querent or the reader. Regardless, when reading for yourself you need to think about what these symbols represent to you in your life. Like dream interpretation, there is no single answer. The meaning will vary from person to person, depending on many factors.

Many basic symbolic meanings can be found online, and I tend to associate trees with growth, family, healing and wisdom. A forest is a group of trees, but it can also have connections to nature, being lost, seclusion, renewal, the unknown and many other things. Roots have their own symbolism, but regardless of the ‘universal meanings’, these symbols mean something unique to you and that is the meaning which often comes through when scrying.

A good way to discover what the symbols mean is to focus on how you feel when you see them and how you feel towards those things in your life. Scrying is exceptionally intuitive, so you need to listen to your gut in order to decipher the best meanings. I personally find it difficult to scry for myself (because I can never interpret my own symbols without bias!), yet I find it easy to scry for others. Everyone is different, and you might experience something totally different from me. While scrying usually works with symbols, it doesn’t always, and sometimes what you see is actually quite literal. Use your best judgement and common sense to determine if what you’re seeing is a symbol or not (but I tend to assume everything is a symbol unless the querent confirms otherwise).

Happy scrying!


Thank you, you defiantly sound experienced in crystal ball scrying and am glad to hear some of your wisdom :blush:

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