Crystal Balls and Scrying?

I was wondering if any of you use a crystal ball, or do scrying in a black mirror? I am going to start working with them. My Crystal ball-Named Tiffany, did not want to pose well for her picture, but I thought the one from a distance was cool too, so I just had to share the moon effect she emitted…my mirror will get a name, not sure what, she has not spoken to me yet. Maybe she will stay Persephone as that is what she is called.

persephones mirror


I used to do it by looking at the reflections on a deep black crystal I had. There was a certain angle where it would create some very interesting patterns and shapes, warped and upsidedown reflections.

To me it was more of a meditative exercise but it can be useful to do before spellwork. It can also be done with water on a dark bowl, smoke or a mirror like you mentioned.

Kelly Anne Maddox did a video on scrying also:

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I have a small crystal ball that fits in the palm of my hand. Honestly, I haven’t had much practice with it because…well…I always seem to lack time. It is something that I want to learn more about how to do it, though!

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