Crystal Balls/Spheres

I have heard that crystal balls should be covered when not in use to prevent them from being contaminated by negative energy and other nasty stuff. Is it safe to leave them undercovered to charge them under the full Moon?


It absolutely is. I’m not sure where the idea to cover them has been attributed to negative energy. It’s more so a safety issue. An uncovered crystal ball, if hit by direct sunlight for too long, can literally burn your house down :fire:


Agree with @MeganB crystal balls can consecrate sun light and become a massive magnifying glass


I’m a diagnosed hoarder. My altar is so busy, I have to literally paw throw things to find anything.
I do have a lot of crystal balls of many sizes and colors. I can’t do divination with any of them.
I have tried. I look into them, study them, meditate on them, concentrate on them and the only thing that comes into my head is “Isn’t that pretty?”
I guess I’m just not a rock reader. (pardon the pun.)
Sending love
And yet, I keep them out of the sun in a shaded area.


It’s because of the fact that spheres direct energy in every direction. I’ve had no problem with leaving spheres uncovered. Once they’re charged, I’d cover them though. Once crystals are charged, you should contain their energy in a natural case or bag like wood, or silk but plastic is a last resort.


New crystals from the shop I stopped at.

Clockwise from the top left, a delightful piece of orange calcite that feels so good in my hand, an egg of honey calcite, a bag of crystals and chips given away as a gift for the one year anniversary of new management (I’ll spend the rest of my life trting to identify all this), a rough black tourmaline and a bloodstone that said “Hey you! Pick me!”


Very nice! I think they all say pick me :grin: they’re all beautiful though!!!


Those are beautiful. I discovered a new metaphysical shop yesterday by accident. Lol! We all know there is no such thing as accidents right? I didn’t purchase crystals, mainly because I need to take an inventory of what I have now. I know I don’t need anymore amethyst or rose quartz. I did buy this huge incense tower, incense, 2 books and some oracle cards. I really need to do inventory on herbs also. I think I’m a hoarder on all this stuff.

As for covering crystal balls, my husband got me one in December as a surprise. I haven’t used it yet but I do keep it covered because it is big and I don’t want it to catch my house on fire. It came in a plain white box, except for the warning about the sunlight.


I am in a position where I can buy almost anything because my inventory is so small. I separated many of those crystals in that bag, and now I have lots of clear quartz, amethyst, and some others. I am learning to identify crystals, but it is bewildering.

I think I’m going to start calling them spheres. Balls has too many connotations :grin:. But yeah, have to keep them out of the sunlight.


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