Crystal handling

Hola! Very specific question - I have a rose quartz pendant. Love it, but dropped it on the ground, sadly. Crystal is OK. No cracks, nothing. Can I still wear it? Or no go?


I don’t see why not. If you want to you can cleanse it and maybe that’ll make it feel better. The Blue Moon is next week, just leave it out under the light of the moon!


Whew! Glad to hear your pendant is safe and sound :blush:

Absolutely! If I had to get rid of things everytime I dropped them I would have no magickal tools left by now haha. Like Amethyst said, if it feels dirty from being on the ground (either physically and/or energetically), a good cleansing ought to do the trick. You could also wipe it down with a cloth or damp towel for a physical clean too.

After that it’s perfectly fine to continue to wear and enjoy it!

Blessed be, Marta :sparkles:


I agree with Bry and Amethyst, @marta , should be fine. It kind of depends on what you’re using it for what you should do with it, if you are using it for a ritual, or multi day spell, I would cleanse and reset it, otherwise if you’re wearing it for it’s calming, compassion, self love etc. aspects then you’re probably ok just dusting it off. If you decide to use it in a chakra healing however, you always cleanse and CHARGE your stones prior to this act, as I’m sure you’re aware. :). Light and love! :sparkling_heart:


thanks, all! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, Marta- blessed be! :heart:


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