Crystal Safety

“In general, working with crystals is relatively safe. However, some crystals contain substances (such as aluminum, copper, sulfur, fluorine, strontium, or asbestos) that are toxic to humans, so do not put them in the bathtub or make crystal elixir with them. It’s also best to was your hands when you’ve finished holding them. These crystals include:

  • Aquamarine (contains aluminum)
  • Black tourmaline (contains aluminum)
  • Celestine (contains strontium)
  • Cinnabar (contains mercury)
  • Dioptase (contains copper)
  • Emerald (contains aluminum)
  • Fluorite (contains aluminum)
  • Garnet (contains aluminum)
  • Iolite (contains aluminum)
  • Jade (may contain asbestos)
  • Kansas pop rocks (contains aluminum)
  • Labradorite (contains aluminum)
  • Lapis lazuli (contains pyrite, which contains sulfur)
  • Malachite (contains aluminum)
  • Moldavite (contains aluminum)
  • Moonstone (contains aluminum)
  • Prehnite (contains aluminum)
  • Ruby (contains aluminum)
  • Sapphire (contains aluminum)
  • Sodalite (contains aluminum)
  • Spinel (contains aluminum)
  • Sulfur (poisonous)
  • Tanzanite (contains aluminum)
  • Tiger’s eye, unpolished (contains asbestos)
  • Topaz (contains aluminum)
  • Turquoise (contains aluminum)
  • Zircon (contains zirconium)”
    an eclectic’s grimoire | thenorthwestwitch (

Such a great list of things to be careful about when working with crystals. Thank you! :pray:


Always grateful for a safety check! :pray: Thank you for sharing this list, @AIRAM! :heart::gem: