Crystal wearing vs charging

Dears, quite a dumb Q. I read so many lovely posts here about how to charge our crystals and handle them in general and I can’t help, but to ask. I wear my small “kindergarden” in pure sunlight. Always on my neck/ears/hand. Is it even remotely possible they will charge on me while wearing? Just a lose thought :wink:

On top, I know somebody, who practices A BIT and she told me that colour of my rose quartz is changing - it might be from sun, but also because it’s working somehow on me. Can this be the case? Do crystals change colour when they work?

BTW - i have a hematite bracelet, rose quartz ring, citrine earrings, rose quartz pendant and onyx pendant. Are there even compatible anyhow? :crazy_face: Or is it like my brain - total scrambled eggs that looks cool together? :rofl:


14 Crystals That Can Be in the Sun & Those That Can’t You have some beautiful crystals but be careful with rosé quartz in the sun it’s one of those crystals that can crack and fade with to much sun light but any crystal can be charged during the full moon or sun light :sunny: when wearing them :blush: hope this helps


Hi @marta,

It’s not a dumb question at all- thank you for asking it!

While moon magick is talked about more often, solar magick is another way to charge your magickal tools with celestial energy- the power of the sun is one of fire, creativity, inspiration, and strength. When charged intentionally, the sun can enhance your tools and magickal items in powerful ways :sun:

That being said, as @crystal59 mentioned not all crystals are a good option to leave in the sunlight for long periods of time. It sounds like the sun might be playing a role in the changing color of your rose quartz.

If those were the stones that called to you, then I’d say it’s a great pairing (certainly looks great too- your jewelry is beautiful!) :blush: That being said, I’m not a crystal expert, so others who know more about crystal match-ups might have more advice for you.

Either way, I hope you continue to enjoy your lovely crystals! Blessed be, Marta :sparkles:


Oops I meant to say any crystal can charge in the sunlight :sunny: or moon light :full_moon: when wearing them. Sometimes I read things to fast :woman_facepalming: I love your citrine earrings by the way you have beautiful crystals that will all pair very nicely :cherry_blossom:


I like this it’s a big help thank you


Your welcome @anita :sparkling_heart:


thanks :slight_smile: big learning!


I love your crystals! Rose quartz cant be in the sun much. But, they can also change color as they work! Over time though.
My daughter was so sick with a fever a few months ago. I put a few crystals under her pillow. Rose quartz was one of them. I went to take them to cleanse them, the rose quartz looks like a clear quartz now! Rose quartz is the only one ive had that happen to.
But citrine can’t be in the sun and especially clear quartz because it could start a fire.
The crystals you have are compatible. You chose them. I wear all kids of crystals daily! As long as you choose them intuitively and with your heart, youre never wrong!