Crystals and Runes

Hey Everyone i have been reading about cristals y got my first cristal it´s the white quartz y have been wanting it for a while and i actually went back home to Florida and went to the beach and filled a gallon jug with sea water took it back to Georgia where i now reside i m now waiting on my moon stone and my jade bracelet i am really excited but if anyone can give me some pointers on some more informaton about cristals i am really drawn to these 3 cristals i am still trying to figure out why but i just go with the flow lol thank guys for the help much love and peace

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and i am sorry i tend to try to use spanish when i write so you might see letters that don´t belong hahahahaha

Hi Yazmin, the sea water is a great idea! Check this post to see how to cleanse your crystals too! Here are some ways to use the stones you have:

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is regarded as the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet. It is considered a master healer with a high vibration of positivity.

How to use Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can be kept in any room of the house. It will amplify the energy throughout the home, emitting a loving and healing vibration to all those in its vicinity. Closely associated with the crown chakra, clear quartz promotes personal growth and spiritual awareness. - from The Crystal Fix: Healing Crystals for the Modern Home

. . . . ༻˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗༺ . . . . .

Moonstone or Selenite

Long considered to have connections with the Moon by all the ancient cultures familiar with this stone, moonstone was used during the waxing of the Moon for love charms and during the waning phase to foretell the future.

It balances the emotions by reducint the tendency to overreact. Relieves stress and tension. Breaks up rigid attitudes and helps with emotional ties to the Higher Self.

How to use Moonstone

Use during the waxing Moon as a love charm. Wear this stone when giving divinations and readings. A moonstone under your pillow will help you contact your spiritual teachers. Moonstone used as an altar decoration during spells will add subtle influence to the spell. - from Crystal Enchantments: A Complete Guide to Stones and Their Magical Properties

Activate a selenite or moonstone with this guided crystal attunement:

. . . . ༻˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗༺ . . . . .


Jade has long been recognized as a stone of abundance, happiness and good fortune. Its energy stimulates the flow of new ideas, helping to attract success and prosperity.

How to use Jade

Keep jade in the office or workspace to attract abundance, wealth and good luck. Jade is primarily connected to the heart chakra. Meditate with jade or wear it in a necklace to soothe the heart and allow you to feel relaxed, open and balanced. - from The Crystal Fix: Healing Crystals for the Modern Home


Healing Crystals website has a great selection of crystals as well as descriptions on them!


  • Crystals For Everyday Living by Christina Rodenbeck

  • Complete Crystal Workshop by Judy Hall

I actually know quite a bit about crystals so if you ever have any questions feel free to message me! :grinning: