Crystals for Business Success

Merry meet! I’d like to take a moment to talk about five crystals I think are imperative to aid in entrepreneurship and abundance.

Green garnet:
Clear quartz: image
Jade: image
Carnelian: image
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First lesson is that I ought to trust myself more as I did indeed have the crystals in the correct order!
Starting with scopalite (which comes in various colours but for this purpose I’ve chosen to work with white) as it helps to increase ones self esteem and will allow you to step into leadership roles with ease. It’s a high vibration sacral chakra stone that helps you align with your best self and will allow you to access your highest levels of wisdom. It’s also excellent for encouraging perseverance when learning new skills. It’s also an amazing crystal to keep in and around anything electrical as it’ll absorb and disperse electromagnetic emissions.
Green garnet: this crystal is incredible at helping you shift your mindset from a poverty consciousness to one of abundance and prosperity. Green garnet possesses spiritual energies that’ll help spark regeneration and assist in overall life development. Keep it in your bag or purse to specifically attract wealth.
Clear quartz: known to amplify intentions so I suggest programming it with your intent for success and wealth to flow your way or any mantras that imply business success to you and then allow it to help draw in what you’re manifesting. Clear quartz has so many helpful properties it’s worth looking into as a topic on its own!
Jade: jade has long since been known as a stone of luck and prosperity. It’s a gentle yet mighty heart opener which will help to shift mindsets and attracting new opportunities. It’ll also work on eradicating belief systems that have been keeping you from your wealth and abundance.
And finally **carnelian ** which is another marvellous crystal to generate ambition, drive and inspiration. It helps to flourish ones creativity and also helps to empower you. Carnelian is the stone that’ll get you moving and give you the drive to keep going forward.
In order to truly work with these crystals your best bet is to (if able) wear them. The more you are in their energy the more your energy becomes like it (remember the law of vibration)
You may wish to set the crystals up in your space and then they’ll be able to do their work and you’ll benefit from being in their frequency.
Also you may find it helpful to mediate with the crystals, holding them in both hands if you have more than one and I’d you only have the one mediate with it in your non dominant hand.
Allow the energies of these crystals to infuse with your energies and chart the changes!
Blessed be. I hope you enjoyed this little crystal cheat sheet and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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I would love to get some green garnet! One of the largest garnet mining sites in the world is in New York state, becoming its official state gemstone in 1969. :gem:

In 1969 Governor Nelson Rockefeller decreed the Barton garnet the New York State Gemstone. - Source

I think there is at least a symbolic connection between garnet being a wealth attraction stone and New York being the financial capital of the world. :moneybag:

Thank you for this informative post, @AliceInWonderdab!!


All lovely stones- with creative Carnelian being my favorite from the bunch! :orange_heart: :blush:

Thank you for sharing your crystal wisdom, @AliceInWonderdab ! :two_hearts:

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Any time! I was feeling inspired :black_heart:

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@AliceInWonderdab Great information. I use most of these stones in my crystal grid in my office where my altar is set up. But like @Francisco was saying about money or prosperity spells, they don’t always work like you think. So I have decided to work on my financial freedom in my business. You intuitively know and gravitate towards what you want and it gets in my case, the creative juices flowing in the proper direction. I have been snowed in all week (did a money spell for more customers) It didn’t backfire on me, just went in a direction that I hadn’t planned for so this week’s focus was to get as many new items in my shop that are already created and finished. I tend to procrastinate at the top level lol but when I work, it’s all out work until my energy is drained.

Thanks for the information, I now have a different way of looking at my own prosperity spells and chants that I use while meditating. Oh and I carry Carnelian in my wallet and I have never run out of money. :kissing_heart: :wink:


I love this~and it’s so true about needing to be clear with intentions. The best example I have is when (or if) you use dirt in your spells and let’s say you use hospital dirt for healing. Well for some healing could be death as it would be the ultimate healing but that’s not likely what you’re casting~so needing to be clear is everything

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