Crystals for Mental Health 💎

Lepidolite great for anxiety, helps in working through emotional trauma.

Hypersthene the best stone for PTSD, it helps work through trauma while grounding you.

Rose Quartz helps when you’re feeling alone, afraid or unlovable. Rose quartz helps you connect with universal love and self love.

Blue Lace Agate combined with rose quartz helps with sleep and ease of anxiety. Blue lace agate is a great throat chakra stone and helps you gently speak your truth and communicate effectively.

Charoite It’s excellent in helping reduce stress, promote better sleep and calm the mind. Its known as the “stone of transformation”, so it’s a great Ally in overcoming obstacles, fears and energy blocks keeping you from your goal

Sunstone It helps with creativity, positivity and motivation. It has a warm, happy energy like the sun.

Rainbow Fluorite is an excellent all around healing stone because of it’s many colors. It helps to cleanse all the chakras and bring your energy back into balance. If you’re feeling “off”, chaotic or emotionally unstable, this stone can bring you back to center.

Hematite it’s not only a very protective stone, but also very healing. It grounds your energy firmly to the earth and helps to remove negative energy from your environment.

:warning: I’m in no way a doctor and crystals aren’t a substitute for professional advice. :warning:


Thank you, darling! I’m glad you posted these!


@christina4 can you recommend a good place to get this? I have never heard of it before. Thanks for posting the info. It’s extremely helpful


Lepidolite was the first crystal bracelet I bought for myself- a few years back I was stuck in an extremely high-stress job and I needed something to help. It did wonders, not to mention it’s a really beautiful stone! :blush:

I’m glad Rose Quartz is on the list too- I don’t think I would have thought of that one for anxiety, but you’re absolutely right! It helps bring love and positive emotions into the situation, and that alone can be a huge help!

Another great list! Thanks so much for sharing, Christina :heart:


Lepidolite was one of the first handful of crystals I bought. I love it’s healing energy. I’m glad it helped you out! Everybody can benefit from lepidolite!


Thanks, Christina! :heart: And agreed- lepidolite is a fantastic healing stone that I highly recommend to anyone considering giving it a try :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love Hematite for grounding! I do have a question, are there any crystals that help with hyperactivity? I suffer from ADHD and I have worked very hard to get my symptoms under control. However, the talkativeness, excitement, etc can sometimes be taken the wrong way by others and I would love to be able to control those aspects more. Any help would be appreciated! Love and light :white_heart::raised_hands:t2:


Great info! I’ve never heard of lepidolite but I’m definitely going to look for it. My favorite is rose quartz. I have some in the shape of hearts that I carry in my pocket. Any help with self-love is a must for me:)


Well, lepidolite and hematite aren’t wrong because they can help ADHD, along with rose quartz for unconditional self love. Also lapis lazuli, citrine, amazonite, smoky quartz, amethyst, tigers eye, Pyrite, aquamarine, fluorite, blue apatite, charoite. Just to name a few. :laughing:.

What you can do for when you feel you’re needing these stones, rub your hands together and hold the crystal (s). Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. With each inhale, imagine a calming blue color going in and cleansing any hyperactivity and exhale it away. This can take a few times. Don’t get frustrated.

You can also meditate with it and/or keep the stone with you at all times. That’s so the stones energy and yours can intertwine to work together.


Seconding this one! Aquamarine is my go-to for when I want to calm down and sit still, it’s an amazingly soothing stone :blue_heart: Good luck, @Zarya, I hope you can find the perfect crystal (or combination of crystals) for you! :blush: