Curious about some things

So im thinking of buying a book on reserection and dark curses. Not that id ever really use that type of magic but more im really curious about it. Id also like to learn about Native American magics and practices mostly due to just finding out that i have some native roots in my dna. Not much but id still like to learn a bit of my own hertage. So probably gonna get some books on these subjects any books you think would be good to read on these subjects would be welcome


Not my cup of tea- or should I say, cup of poison? :sweat_smile: That being said, while I’m certainly not an advocate of Baneful Magick, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with educating oneself about it :open_book:

To the best of my memory, no one has read a book about Baneful Magick in the Book Club, but I would check out the Books Tag and perhaps check out Baneful/Black Magic Discussions in the forum to see if anyone has mentioned any books about it.

I think it is wonderful that you are exploring your heritage, Nikita! I remember there was a discussion a while back with some resources that may be helpful for you:

Native American Witchcraft Practices

Good luck with your studies! :books::sparkles:


I don’t know about resurrection or dark curses. The closest thing I’ve come is reading Dorothy Morrison’s Utterly Wicked and it was awesome. Not that I’d want to use any of those but if I have to I know how to now, you know?


Dorothy Morrison has a book called Utterly Wicked that might be of interest to you. It’s a book about curses, hexes, etc. with examples and spells in it!

(from Amazon)

As for Native American practices, @BryWisteria linked to a previous discussion but I’d also like to suggest finding out which Indigenous Nations live in your area and maybe reaching out to them. See if they have workshops, PowWows, or events you can go to.


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