Cutting Ties Spell

Hi everyone. I did a cutting ties spell the other day for the protection of someone close and the spell ended pretty violently. Can someone DM me who is knowledgeable in this area so I can go over what happened and hopefully get some advice? I have an interpretive hunch about what it all means, but I want to make sure because I feel concerned.


Goodness, I’m so sorry to hear the spell ended violently- I pray everyone involved is okay and safe :pray:

A cord-cutting spell is pretty straightforward in principle, but as it is a spell that deals with often very emotionally charged situations, there is space for things to go … awry :sweat_smile: . And anytime spellwork is done for other people, things can get significantly more complicated- the more people involved, the more energy is being dealt with, and naturally the more room there is for things to go in different ways.

I fully respect that you want to keep the details of the situation private- if you haven’t yet gotten any answers, I’ll be happy to shoot you a DM! (Another option would be to move this thread into the more private category called A Sacred Space- viewable only to active coven members, but that is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with :heart:)

Blessed be, Shawna! :sparkles:


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