Daily Devotional

I dont know if this has been asked before, if so I’m sorry. I was just looking into the daily Devotional a little bit ago, and was looking at what stones to carry or you could wear them as a tailsman, or keep them close to you. I was wondering what size do the stones need to be if you carry or wear them? I have small ones and just a couple different ones that are bigger. I just started my collection about a month ago and went to a store to get the individual ones. Picked out a few i wanted, then got a sachet that was for my birthday stones and one that was labeled new moon bag. And i got the little ones in a kit off of amazon. If anyone could help me with this i greatly appreciate it. Her a a couple pics of what i have so far. Oh. I use the bigger stones while I do my spells.


Hi @wendy,

I think that’s a great question- thanks for asking it!

Personally, I’d say the size isn’t important- as long as the stone is not impeding you. The whole point of wearing stones is for their benefits, so it’s essential that they are not getting in your way or causing you strife.

I know people who tuck crystals into their pockets or line their bras with them- I sometimes tuck some into my purse, but my favorite way to bring my crystals with me is via stone bracelets. This is so I can wear a bunch, they don’t get in my way, and they’re even fashionable (or so I tell myself)! :laughing:

You have your crystals so beautifully organized in the jars- you could potentially tuck a jar into your bag for the day. Or put one or two in the drawstring pouch and carry them that way- I would recommend experimenting to find what works best and is most comfortable for you! :blush:

Good luck and blessed be


Thank you for the info. I would have never thought about putting them in my bras. I was thinking about putting them in my purse, but i didnt know if that would work.

I am liking the stone braclet idea. It sounds comfortable and you can look at them any time and feel their energy. I found a picture off the internet of some braclets from amazon. Are these like something you wear? Also thank you i have been working very hard to organize my crystals, herbs and notebooks i have been putting everything i am lerning in the notebooks. And everything else i will need for my craft.


I put the daily crystals all around the candle that I light each morning in front of my computer. So they are right in my face most of the day. I’ve finally collected just about all the stones for each day. Mother of Perl is hard to get to I put a pretty sea shell down.


You’re welcome, wendy- I’m happy if I could help! :heart:

Yes! :blush:

I have a few that I wear when I go out, but these are the ones that I never take off- there’s baltic amber and fire and ice quartz. I also wear a red string bracelet for protection, a wish bead bracelet, and then just a cute multi-colored one that doesn’t have any specific intention set to it :prayer_beads:

Bracelets like these are lightweight and really easy to wear- I often forget that I have them on! But they are there if I need the reassurance :grinning:

If you decide to give the crystal bracelets a try, I hope you find some that you love- good luck and blessed be! :heart:


Ive been looking eqch day what the stones are and started writting them down so i know which ones that i need. I have mine in a seletine bowl on my end tabel in my kitchen. When i feel lost or need some guidence i sit in the kitchen for awhile holding my stones.

Love the idea just being sble to look at them everyday throught the day


Wonderful information. Thank you so much. I started looking into braclets yeaturday.

I have been feeling reqlly drained and not able to sleep for the past 3 weeks. I had an interview. Then did an employment spell the day before i got the job offer. And no as of last night i believe its all been a scam. I have been going back and forth with myself this whole time tapping into my intuition, gut feeling. And since i became a part of this community i have veen paying alot more attention to it. But last night i had enough, told myself there are other options out there and just be done with it.

I always wanted to do witchcraft and twke this journey, but from the last 3 weeks i have been doubting myself on all of this, and wondering if im even good at all of this.


I see you’ve got some answers already about carrying crystals - I don’t usually carry any. I do keep some on my desk and around my altar spaces, though.

You are doing just fine! It’s normal to go back and forth in our skepticism and doubting our ability. As long as we don’t get lost in our doubts, it’s perfectly normal! If you need to, take a break from things, do some reflection, and I’m sure things will be good.



I think sometimes we place a too high expectation on ourselves, I know I do. I want to be a master at tarot, runes, oracle’s, spell crafting, heathenism, meditation, visualisation etc etc. But I’m reminded of the way a friend explained it to me when I doubted myself, “enjoy where you’re at on the way to where you’re going, it’s not about being “good at Witchcraft,” it’s about when you’re driving to your destination (being a witch) stop off at that weird looking motel and look around (learn something new about the craft), then carry on for a bit, then oh look, there’s that side road that looks interesting (what’s that crystal do?), take it. The road of the witch meanders all over (it’s ok to wander on and off the path) and that’s what makes it nice. It’s a roadtrip, enjoy it.” I thought this was a nice way to describe our journey through life and the craft. Enjoy each day, don’t stress yourself over how “good” you are. It’s in you. You are magic. Blessed be :sparkling_heart::kissing_heart:


It’s great! If I go out they are watching over my home while I am away. And don’t get too discouraged, it’s called a practice for a reason.


Love the way you put that. Your right it is a jouney and i do need to relax and wonder off sometimes.


This is true. Thank you for the kind words.


Reflection does sound good right now. I wanted to get back into yoga. There is no better time then now. I think with that job i wanted didnt help matters either.


@tracyS – I love love love the way you put that! It’s all about the journey, not being “good at witchcraft” or being “a good witch”. :clap: That’s awesome!

@wendy – Absolutely - things that don’t turn out the way we want have a habit of making us doubt ourselves. You’re doing an amazing job - you’ll be okay! :hugs: :sparkles:


Good for you! :heart: It can be really hard to weigh all of the facts and feelings to try and get an answer- but you took a wide look and made the best decision you could given the circumstances, and I think that’s awesome. Keep your head held high- may many more opportunities come your way soon!

You’ve got some fantastic advice and encouragement, so I hope you don’t mind if I join in too! What Tracy and Megan said is right on- we all have doubts and hit low points (“new moon” phases, if you will), it’s part of any practice and part of life itself. But the dark moments don’t last forever- so as long as your journey is bringing you something positive- be it peace, acceptance, joy, answers, fulfillment, etc- then it’s all worth it :blush:


Wishing you all the best if you decide to get back into yoga- I hope you have fun with it! :woman_in_lotus_position: :two_hearts:


Just got this one a few minutes ago. The ladies were very helpful and got me a couple stones for my fire element! They said with what i have been feeling i should feel a big difference once i put this braclet on and they were right. I feel calm, motivated and feeling better about myself and my practice. Thank you again everyone for all your help and guidance so far. I greatly appreciate, and look forward to more guidance and decissions.
Blessed be


What a pretty bracelet! I have a lovely purple sugilite one, but I’m already wearing my watch and my medic alert bracelet. It doesn’t match! LOL!


Thank you. I forgot to take picture of the names of the stones i got. So i cannot remember which ones are on my braclet.


That’s okay, they’re pretty and make you feel better, and that’s what counts.


Congrats on your beautiful new bracelet, Wendy! :tada: It sounds like you found the perfect stones- may they continue to share their lovely positive energy with you :heart: :prayer_beads:

Lots of love and blessed be! :blush: