Danburite /Crystal

1.This is similar to a diamond!
It replaces a diamond and is cost-effective!
2. Astrology -Leo energy

  1. Qualities -Meditate for your lite to shine! :sparkler: Stress reducer & a calming stone.

  2. It uplifts vibrations!!!

  3. It is a spiritual stone

  4. It can have a v shape sometimes! And, It is very clear! They have an opaque look that is of lower quality and good quality that is clear! It comes in pink and if u put it under a UV light it is fluorescent.

  5. Recognize the beauty of your soul! “I am beautiful”, and sometimes if you have self-doubt or critical thinking this stone helps you to recognize your talents!
    It helps to “Love yourself” gives you courage! And allows you to show it! It is an enlightenment stone and creates wisdom.
    Works with the mind like astral travel. Talking with spirit guides. Communication with the angelic realm. You can put it underneath a pillow and have some amazing dreams too! Helps with Lucid dreaming It helps with personal growth and healing!

  6. Deep transformation- Your beauty of your soul and helps cultivate “soul supporting to the highest good”
    9.Releases past expectations from an experience or someone else expectations.
    You will walk with a new pride!

  7. Heart & Crown Chakra - Helps connect the mind with the heart :heart: Helps us with making good decisions for example not just being emotional and helps us feel one with humanity as a whole.
    To feel connected and feel compassion to let go of the horrible ego!”The, “I” Me” and it helps make smart decisions!
    To understand the path of others. Help reduce our attachment to ourselves! And helps us give ourselves generosity. Helps inspire others to have higher vibrations. If you can try to get two one for the heart :heart: and one for the crown chakra! You can set an intention from the heart :heart: to the mind.
    11.People who are suffering help us to see their suffering and helps aid you in helping them.
    12.It is an amplifier

  8. Good for the third eye :eye: and if you want to work with energy manmanipulation and helps create energy for your mind body and soul! It also helps, you to sense your energy!

  9. Helps charge other gemstones
    15.Guardian of positive energy amplifies spirit, best & brightest soul!
    I love this girl she is a reiki teacher she has a meditation to check her out she teaches how to polish rocks too!
    Danburite crystal
    Love :heart: and light!
    I hope you all enjoyed this Crystal healing mineral and I hope you can see if it’s something that you think you might get for your collection!

Blessed be!


Very useful post!! The crystal structure of danburite is so expansive and kaleidoscopic. No wonder it is such a high vibration stone!


via ResearchGate


How neat I think this stone is calling my name!

I think :thinking: I should keep them by my side to make good decisions!
I See the scientific blueprint now thank you!


Danburite sounds like a lovely crystal- any crystal that promotes self-love is welcome in my practice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and these great resources, @Jeannie1- it was a fun stone to learn about! :gem::sparkles:


Ow I am so glad to be able to write this out for you all. There was lots of interesting facts in my findings and thanks to the reki teacher, we learned so much! I actually listened to another video to so two in totally! I am going to print this out and be proud of my magical findings! I can mark it in my BOM!

I like incorporating crystals in my spiritual practice! It helps me write in my journal. I have my clear quartz here with me. I still need to buy some danburite! I can’t wait to put it on my heart and third eye! Fact is There mostly from Mexico! Also, I just want to shine some light for the coven! I think this is a great gem to work with!
Blessed be✨


Thank you for this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m going to add the info to my BOS :heartpulse:


Ooh, sparkly! And it looks dead useful. Thanks for sharing!