Dating as a pagan. Thoughts?

Hey everyone

So ive put myself out their on a variety of dating platforms and i was completely transparent that im wiccan as i dont want to be in the broom closet but so far i just get all these stupid remarks like “not sure if i should throw my phone out the window and run” “dont put a spell on me” and even if im not looking to date when people find out what my faith is there like do you “have magick powers” like im a sis out of charmed or something its just getting old really

Im wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar. Im just tired of having to defend my faith its annoying and im just tired of the ignorance and disrespect.

I wish their were pagan dating apps especially in australia lol.

How do you manage dating as a pagan ? I dont want to shrink myself but i dont want people thinking im strange either.

Anyway manifestation tips maybe?


:cry: ugh that’s horrible.
This may be unpopular with some but personally I’d keep the witchy stuff off the profiles and save it for when you’re actually talking to someone you’ve built a bit of a bond with- no need to hide it but maybe don’t make it the first thing someone sees about you? Unless you’re lucky enough to meet another pagan, people tend to shy away from the unknown or (as you’ve unfortunately seen) make assumptions and take the piss. Pardon my Francais.

Manifestation tips? HA I don’t know about that - there are a few nice love spells dotted about here on the forum and website. I’m feeling pretty connected to my Sugar jar at the moment :woman_shrugging:t3:
I’ve been having some banter with the Universe lately :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile: gently trying to encourage an ex to get back in touch… the Universe has sent me 3 exes in the last month and I’m like, ‘Babe, no. Not these guys, but thanks?’ :joy: :joy: :joy:


Like Limeberry said, I wouldn’t showcase my spiritual beliefs right away (Wiccan or anything else) on a big dating site like that.

Most people out there don’t know the first thing about Paganism. Of course you want to date someone who respects that but you’ll probably find someone who respects you as a person first, and because of that they will respect your beliefs once they get to know you.

Someone compiled a list of Wiccan dating sites here: Wiccan Dating Sites

I haven’t tried any of those but maybe you can experiment and see what they’re like. If Wicca/Paganism is too “niche” then you can try dating sites for spiritual people in general. Here’s another list: Spiritual Dating Sites

To manifest your heart, to manifest love… My advice is to seek yourself out first: Health, peace, mindfulness, and manifest the life you want to live. And you will attract that type of life to yourself. It sounds cliché but it worked for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would say wait until the time is right and tell someone personally what you believe, if someone truly loves you they will be receptive and understanding



I know it can be crappy to feel like you’re hiding a piece of yourself, but honestly as @Francisco said, most people don’t know the first thing about paganism or Wicca. When you find someone that respects you for who you are, your faith comes with it :heart:


Oh this makes my heart ache… the jerks just don’t know what they are passing up! At 68 I am SOOOO happy to be beyond all that drama. That said… I have to agree with @Francisco @MeganB @Trey @Limeberry. I don’t believe religious or spiritual beliefs in general are a great conversation starter… Unless you are on JDate or Christian Mingle. If you must fill in a profile blank with something you can always just say ‘Spiritual’ and leave the details for later when you build some trust.


Online dating can be a nightmare, @Kira-Marie! :pensive: You’re not alone girl, it’s a rough playing field. I tried online dating in the past and didn’t have any luck- ironically, a few months after giving up online dating for good I actually met my fiance through chatting on Instagram :joy: Sometimes things only come when you step back from them or try a different approach!

I agree with the others- personal things like beliefs are very important in a relationship but probably not the first thing that should be brought up. Waiting until you establish a bond of trust with someone isn’t the same as keeping secrets or hiding yourself- it’s just waiting for the right moment to delve into deeper subjects :blush:

I would recommend finding like-minded communities- you’ll be surprised how many people have witchy or other pagan beliefs, but either keep them to themselves or don’t flaunt them openly! I think most of the women in my tribal dance group practiced witchcraft in one way or another, and my friends from ren-faire and LARP days are extremely open-minded and welcoming of all faiths and beliefs :+1:

There’s somebody out there for you, Kira-Marie, waiting to love you for the amazing person you are! Finding them is just a matter of time and putting yourself in the right situation. Until then, Francisco said it perfectly- focus on loving yourself and enjoying your own wonderful company! :hugs: :two_hearts:


Yes! This exactly. It can be hard when you feel like you’re hiding part of yourself, but as @TheTravelWitch_Bry said, personal things are important but not necessarily something your bring up on the first (or second, even) date in the same way you wouldn’t necessarily bring up the topic of having children right away.

You’ll love and companionship when the time is right. And also, sometimes you just have to stop looking :heart:


Yeah i agree with your points they seem fair i dont open up about it anymore.

I did get asked this question i thought was interesting though


It seems like they’re interested and are just trying to start a conversation? That’s good, I think. I also don’t know what the rest of the conversation is like though, so I can’t for sure judge :rofl:


Well, that is very cool… at least he is open minded. Looks like he opened the door for a dialogue at least. Good for you sweet girl… never under sell yourself. You deserve someone who will treat you well and embrace all of you!


Nice!! Perhaps the strategy of being forward and open about your pagan beliefs works well after all!

We will need updates on that! :laughing:


Here for updates on the Jacob/@kira-marie romance like :joy:


@Francisco Who knew? Right? Times they are a changin’…


aww thank you @berta your too kind i have put my faith on the backburner for acceptance in relationships in the past so i guess thats one of the reasons i place important on finding someone who is open minded and can accept it as my goal is to be more authentic and unapologetic for being myself.

i actually havent heard back from him funny enough oh well. Hoping i’ll find my dream man at some point but im not rushing just putting myself out their. @Francisco hahah i dont know maybe? we will see i guess only time will tell but yeah i just want to find a spiritual person ideally. @Limeberry hahaha love it.


Luckily my GF is open and accepts my Beliefs and me being a Witch. At first I wasn’t sure how she would take it, but to my surprise she was ok with it. I even have her meditating and collecting crystals. Try to surround yourself with like minded individuals, it can be Hard being pagan and trying to date in this society. Just continue to manifest what kind of relationship you want, keep in mind to be very specific.


I know its hard to be yourself but its not easy to be me neither sometimes!! Your not alone! In this world there is so much diversity! I know its hard because this is psychic attack! A attack to the mind! Try the book the psychic witch that is a good book maybe that can help you put your guard on! I admire your strength and beauty! I like how you took the mask off and how you are showed your true colors. You are real and I admire you for that!
There are so many people with opinions the only one that truly matters at the end of the day is how you respond! (Meditation will help)

Once someone told me if people cant except you for the way you are then they don’t deserve you at all! This is good this helps you take all those scumbags who rejected you and know you can eliminate theme. There loss personally!

There seems to be so many haters out there everywhere you turn around! It explains why I came to Witchcraft. I felt like I had to shield myself at the store, from people who gave me dirty looks! Know I can shield myself with amulets and talisman and protect myself from all the negativity out there. I have to constantly protect myself at work ect! I make sigils and please do not let them steal your light!!
My advice to you is to be yourself, and be honest! I think you will find your soul mate! I believe this was meant to happen so that way when you find the right person you will not take him for granite. Protect yourself everyday with the white light! My heart goes out to you! My best advice is to continue being your true self! I think you are a beautiful soul who deserves the best!! The universe will give you what you need! Keep your head up!! We have your back!!!
Blessed be


Aww thank you @Jeannie1 for your truly beautiful words they meant alot. I hope i do find my special someone and im trying really hard to be my authentic self but i do find myself shrinking to be accepted or scared to be my full self. I think i will invest in some crystal jewellery to help with the negative energy. Yeah pretty sure ive been psychially attacked in the past that wasnt fun. But thank you for your kind, loving positive energy its much appreciated :slight_smile:


@Jeannie1 is spot on but you already mentioned how awesome her kind words are. I had to tag her here, though, because I loved her response so much.

It looks like you have been given a lot of good advice and I hope things start to manifest in the way you hope.