Daughter lost a large amount of crystals what to do?

Hi all, so as i have been away lately for most of the day at placement the straight to the gym, i obviously do not have the time to ‘guard’ my spiritual room while im away. As a result i noticed yesterday afternoon that some of my smaller crystals that were grouped into two mess bags were missing. So i questioned the 4 kids and turns out after a lot of hesitation my little 5 yr old daughter admitted to playing with them… So this is how it went:

me: “where are my crystals?”
daughter: “what crystals?” :woman_facepalming:
me: “the small ones that were in 2 bags remember?”
daughter: “i don’t know”
me: “tell the truth”
daughter: “i played with them because remember you let me last time?”
me: " but i was there before and i told you only for a short time"
me: “where are they now”
daughter: " i might have put them in the bag"
me: “which bag”
daughter: " the plastic bag with the rubbish :scream_cat:
me: “bring them to me now”
daughter: " but it was chucked out remember"
me: " it better not have"
me: i told you guys not to touch my special things"
daughter: “its lost”
me: 'so find them"
daughter: " i cant they are gone i dont know where they are they were in the yellow bag
me: “the ripped little yellow bag you mean that i found”
daughter: “yes”.

Anyways she still won’t tell my where they are and even made a comment about throwing them besides the fridge but i didn’t see them. i feel she knew i would be upset so she is still trying to cover her tracks. I did however speak to here calmly but still she is all zipped up… What should i do, they costed quite a bit and don’t think hubby will allow for me to go and replace the 50+ crystals…


Oh no! I’m so sorry about your crystals, but on the other hand I can relate with your daughter for liking them- I really loved shiny things as a kid (and I still do!). It sounds like you and your daughter both share a love for pretty treasures :sparkles:

If you’re sure they’ve been thrown out and have moved on, I’m afraid there’s not much that can be done. However- if there is some chance they are still around the house, this spell may come to your rescue:

I hope you can find your crystals, @TheMuslimWitch! Good luck! :heart:


Honestly? She’s probably scared of getting in trouble, especially if she’s already got a fear from past experiences (not just from you but in general). I say give her time to open up, leave it alone for now and give her time to calm down, and do a bit of searching on your own. As a parent myself, I know that sometimes these things just happen. Kids get curious, especially if they’re not allowed in whatever room you’ve told them not to go in. If you don’t find them then you’ll probably just have to call it a loss and move forward. :person_shrugging: These things happen sometimes.


Honey, she’s being pulled in many directions by the adults around her. Daddy disapproves and Mommy doesn’t, what to do?
So she plays with the pretties. My Mom’s jewelry box was an treasure chest of fun for me.
I’m sorry for your loss, as I have boxes of stones here and there, or in my infamous ‘SheShed’. Rich has never understood why I pay hard earned money for 'rocks.
All may not be lost. Remember, she’s just a baby and from your conversation an evasive baby. She may have hidden them to play with another time.
Consider locking the door to your sanctuary. And give her a hug for me.
With love and kindness


I have 2 pretty much grown boys and they are both very different from each other. Things that worked with my first didn’t work on my 2nd! :face_with_peeking_eye:The reward system was what worked for him. Anyway, maybe she’s a reward system kinda of child. Offer her a reward of letting her have 1 crystal of her own if she can find the others??? Maybe? Just a thought anyway. Good luck @TheMuslimWitch Motherhood is definitely a challenge! :face_with_monocle:


Turns out i was the one who moved them :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I had to apologise to her as i totally forgot i put them in a little mini vase to hold my gold plated rose… and not to loose them. One the plus side i picked up a few crystals yesterday and now i have even more lol. Never can have to many i say… :blush:


She was afraid i would be disappointed as she knew not to touch them. Turns out i was the one with memory loss and totally forgot i moved them… I apologise sincerly and the first thing she says is can i play with them? :woman_facepalming: So i told her to choose one to keep… Its like @TheTravelWitch_Bry said, kids love shiny things and forbidden ones too for the matter


I should really lock the door but cannot bring myself to do it to the kids. They love chilling in there and on top its my cat’s main room so they spend most of their time in there… So naturally as a mum i cannot say no to her cute little face and as usual something goes on in there… I just see it as although my things are important to me, my kids are way more valuable Asides although she was trying to explain to me what happened (even though it was my old brain who lost them), i secretly loved that cute little face when she was trying to tell me what happened… :blush: :heartpulse:


All’s well that ends well! :grinning: I’m glad you found your crystals and that the misunderstanding was cleared up :blush: :gem::two_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Ahh, that’s definitely happened to me, too! I’m happy you found them and glad that you apologized to her :blush: plus she gets a shiny new crystal now!


yes so cute as well. She however has already lost it i assume as i haven’t seen her play with it… that’s kids for you…


I have a 6 year old. She is really good at finding things. I don’t know it is really her skill or if I have told her that so often it has become true. I also use her to remember things. Perhaps your daughter can “help” you. She could “guard” your crystals, remind you of how you used your crystals, or give you ideas of where to look if this happens again. Perhaps there is a way you can make her an “ally”.


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